1. shanksy

    Duo Valve Tutorial

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial on replacing the Duo Valve on a W124 ? Mine is the non A/c model. I have trawled the usual places, peach parts etc and cant find anything. I have the replacement unit, garage quoted me £110 + VAT to fit but would rather do myself if possible. Thanks
  2. F

    TUTORIAL : Moding your Central console.

    Hi, here is a tutorial on how to drill/add some buttons holes, after adding some options to your car ;) I've add a Complete C36 Leder interior, with Electrical seats, and Heating option, so i have to add 2 buttons ;) Here it is : Voici le compte rendu d'une matinée de travail pour ne pas...
  3. F

    Tutorial "Dismantle a W202 Seat"

    Hi, Since i've found nothing about that job, i did it myself... Here a little report ...:) Sorry, it is written in French, but the pics are talking more than words...;) Salut, N'ayant rien trouvé sur le Net Concernant le dégarnissage de sièges de W202, je me suis lancé dans le démontage...
  4. M

    Canbus tutorial used by MB USA.

    http://www.mercedestechstore.com/pdfs/507%20Systems%20I/507%20HO%20CAN%20B%20(ICC)%2010-28-02.pdf Canbus tutorial .... how it works.
  5. Brian WH

    Tutorial on uploading pictures

    For those people having problems posting Pictures. You need to upload pictures from a web-site, using http:// or IMG links.
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