1. trapperjohn

    TVR Announcement.

    TVR NOISE | TVR to return to production with stunning new car designed in collaboration with Gordon Murray Design And a bit more here.
  2. stwat

    The maddest TVR ever?

    Well It's cabin is full of squeaks rattles wheezes and bangs, so perfectly normal TVR in that respect :D [YOUTUBE HD]OG_w7s-9fvc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. brucemillar

    TVR Chinemara Petrol Leak

    Folks On the off chance. My friend ran out of petrol yesterday while out in his TVR. Soon discovered why he ran out. Petrol is pumping out under pressure somewhere above the bell-housing. Not good as it is running onto his exhaust. Got the car over my pit and had a good look with mirrors...
  4. O

    What are your opinions on TVR?

    Just interested about fellow Merc owners opinions on TVRs really, I'm very very seriously considering getting one(again) and am wondering if I've gone completly mad or not, I appreciate a decent model in most marques of car, I'm not a ' I would only buy German' etc sort of type and I admit Mercs...
  5. verytalldave

    1965 TVR Griffith 200

    OK.................not Mercedes, but worth watching.......... Love that sound..............
  6. chrispy

    TVR Cerbera?

    My wife has told me that as i'm going through my mid life crisis at 38 :eek: I can have a decent sports car next year and I can also have lessons on how to play the drums (wanted to play them ever since I was a little kid :D ). I've been looking at the TVR Cerbera as an addition to my garage...
  7. Howard

    TVR Cerbera Speed 12 ( road car ) 880 bhp

    OT i know , but what a double bonkers car ... :eek: :cool:
  8. Satch

    TVR to cease car production in UK

    Seems they have changed their minds (again) and not long after taking a bunch of workers in Liverpool back on! Only engines to be made in UK.
  9. B

    TVR Griffith 500.........or not?

    I've been offered a 1995 TVR Griffith 500 with 22k miles and a full TVR history. It's Metallic Black with Oxblood leather and in mint condition. The current owner bought the car brand new and he's a mate of my dad's, so I know the car is genuine and has been looked after. It recently had a...
  10. glojo

    TVR lay-off

    Just heard on the news that TVR have laid off one third of their employee's. :( John
  11. guydewdney

    Volvo V70 AWD and TVR Chimeara

    2000 VOLVO V70 2.4 5dr Xc Estate, Petrol, 64,500 miles, . AWD. Dark metallic green, Dual zone climate, full Volvo SH, 11 months MOT. 5 months Tax. Sand leather. 64K miles. CD / Tape player, 4 good tyres. Just had major service. Located in Tring, Herts. 64500 miles. 5 Speed manual, cruise...
  12. B


    Any one seen this? Sorry it's non MB related but TVR is my other passion.
  13. Flyer

    TVR Cerbera - woooooooooooooowww!

    Visited a client today who owns a TVR Cerbera <swoon> and he took me for a blast around Worsley. OH - MY - GOD!!! :D What an astonishing car. Brutal, stunning acceleration, brakes, roadholding ... just fantastic. I've never been in a car that could accelerate so fast, we went 0-100-0 in ...
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