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    Hi guys, I have a 2006 w211. and bought these parts: - Harman/Becker comand head unit (A211 870 71 90 001) (model: BE 7023). - Audio Gateway (A211 870 66 89). I want to connect also a backup camera and a game consule, and I have a few questions: 1) What do you suggest that I need to do...
  2. E

    Will this fit on TVtuner or Command? TIA:)
  3. Kingpin!

    Interfacing a TV-tuner for Comand 2.0

    I've seen some ads regarding DVB-T tuners för Comand and on Ebay. They seem to cost around 300-400 euros. What kind of interface do they use to speak with Comand (assuming that you can change channels etc. using the Comand keys)? If it's all analogue output then wouldn't it be possible to use...
  4. M5CLK

    COMAND to TV-tuner wiring

    I'm so fed up with my local stereo shop, they kept giving me a run around since I have most of my setup done already and I guess they don't think it's worth their time to wire the car for me.. Here's the situation and just wondering if anyone can give me any insight on the difficulties of...
  5. M

    Please Help me tv-tuner to comand

    Does anyone have the tv-turner comand install instructions for W203 ? Or any other MB bulletin on the subject. This is tv-turner A 220 820 08 97 the comand 2.0 e bosch. Thank you
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