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    Tuning, tweaking, playing advice please

    Hi all. Got my old 350d coupe being delivered tomorrow and Im new to Merc ownership. I very much like to play and tune and tweak and generally throw money at my vehicles but I have no clue with Mercs and as its going to be my commuter for the winter I got a bit of time to play with it...
  2. L

    C320 S203 tweaking

    I have a 2001 C320 S203 variant and am planning on a little tweaking in the future. CAn anyone tell me, on the C320 is there much point in getting a rolling road live map or just go with an ECU flash (assuming it can be flashed and doesnt require a new chip). As its a pretty tame merc, im...
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    mulberry bags outlet tweaking the perfect shade of blue

    Sew an easy CheapÂ*Mulberry bagsÂ*and Mulberry handbags Mulberry Bags Outlet on sale, New Arrival Mulberry Long Locked Printed Leather Purse Light Coffee for Women in cheap price project like a patchwork bag, or a pillowcase. Knit or crochet some simple dishcloths. My daughter made several...
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    STAR tweaking the Wastegate and boost pressure on a W210 E class?

    Hi, Is it possible to increase the boost value/ pressure on a W210 E class? E300TD. At the moment the wastegate open at about 16 PSI once the ECU see this kind of pressure, but I can lock it and go up to 26 PSI :D( zoom zoom) , but then ECU shut the boost after that( it must be freaking out...
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    Tweaking my C-fou three with E55 parts?

    I wonder if those m113 C43 and E55 AMG engines share the same throttle body and fuel-injectors (einspritz)? I äm curious if it's worth doing it or not for better performance? I was thinking if E55 had bigger and better fuel injectors than C43? Bigger injectors gives better performance I...
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    Tweaking a w208

    What's the most cost effective way(s) of uping the power output of a w208 (230) - chip? pulley? exhaust? induction kit? I'm not after much more, 10-20% would be enough... for now :)
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