1. R129Melvin

    Mercedes SL R129 late model tweeters, part no. 1298204502 (pair) £15

    Taken from 2000 SL, dash tweeters in perfect working order, only removed due to high end audio upgrade. £15 posted to UK [/url]
  2. A

    Kicker Resolution R6 components with upgraded silk tweeters

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get seriously seriously loud with good sq. They pound out the midbass compared to most of the crap you get these days. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. These will definitely fit a...
  3. M

    Clarion SRE211H tweeters suitable for w124

    Brand new in box. I bought these in the summer as I thought the ones in by W124 had blown, which turned out not to be the case, hence these haven't been used. I did take one of them out and connected it to the wiring in my car, but it was never installed. Suitable for fitting in the w124 as...
  4. M

    Help needed with noisy tweeters

    I've been trying to cure a problem my W124 has with annoyingly noisy tweeters. It's a kind of hissing/crackling sound that is constantly there. Imagine listening to a badly tuned radio and thats the noise I get, but only from the tweeters. Not a sibilance issue, as it's present at all times...
  5. NW_Merc

    Pioneer W202 custom fit dash tweeters - TS-H2AT

    MERCEDES W202 PIONEER DASH SPEAKERS C36 C43 ULTRA RARE! on eBay (end time 02-Nov-10 18:44:15 GMT) Do these seem expensive?
  6. C

    W202 tweeters on back doors

    Hello! As anyone put some tweeters on the back doors? It's difficult? I want to stay with the factory speakers just wanto to put some tweeters like the Passat style...
  7. J

    Replacing W202 dash tweeters

    Hi I have dug out a set of decent pioneer tweeters from the garage, they are slightly bigger than the standard dash tweeters in my car, has anyone else tried fitting bigger tweeters, how did you do it? Cheers Joe
  8. G

    MB Tweeters

    If anyone needs some, i have a pair on eBay - 1 day listing
  9. W

    Mercedes W202 C-Class Genuine Mercedes Dash Tweeters

    Not sure if anything is missing:- LINK
  10. J

    Upgraded dash tweeters for a W202

    Hi I am looking for a pair of pioneer custom fit tweeters for the dash of a W202. Has anyone got a set they would like to sell or know where I can buy some?
  11. W

    W202 Custom Pioneer Speakers / Tweeters

    Always fancied these when i had my W202 but could never get my hands on a set. Typical set comes up when i sell it on! Link
  12. Iyse

    Pointless tweeters

    I've just installed a pair of 3 way coaxials in my front doors of my W202. Are the tweeters on my dash taking sound away from the tweeters on my coaxials, and if so, how do I disconnect them?
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