1. 6

    OM642 - 3.0 V6 twin turbo diesel

    Mercedes-Benz is leading automobile manufacturers in the re-introduction of diesel passenger vehicles to North America. First, the E320 CDI (W211) debuted in June, 2005 powered by the OM 648, an inline six-cylinder common-rail diesel equipped with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. In Model Year 2007...
  2. M

    2015(15) audi rs6 avant 4.0 twin turbo automatic tip quattro tfsi 552 bhp black

    Full Details Audi RS6 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo TFSI Quattro Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 11th May 2015 – 15 Reg • Two Owners From New – Last Owner Since September 2015 • 8,438 miles only with Full Audi Dealer Service History • 4.0 Litre Twin Turbo Engine – 552 BHP • CO2 Emissions...
  3. Londonscottish

    Wanted; staggered twin spoke AMG 18's for 2010 E Class

    My wife came home with (yet another) new dress yesterday and apologised. I said "I don't mind if you buy dresses as long as I get to but some alloys" and she said "Why not?". So I'm going to take off on store the 17's with Winters on ready to sell in November and put some 18's on So I'm...
  4. aka$h

    W124 300CE twin turbo, project or spares car

    The car has been standing since 2006. 220k miles Gen I AMG Bodykit 16" AMG Alloys Turbo Technics Twin Turbo Bodywork overall isn't too bad, usual bits. It's sold as a non runner, and will need to be trailered from Chertsey. Open to offers before ebay.
  5. K

    Twin turbo or not on these?

    Two people I know have recently purchased the following: E350 CDI 2012 Sport C250 CDI 2011 AMG Both say their cars are twin turbo although I cant find the details for either indicating they are twin turbo? Mercedes apparently didn't make an E350 v6 Twin during these years so I am a little...
  6. D

    18" 5 twin spoke alloys

    I have a set (4) of mercedes 5 twin spoke alloys, from a w204 mercedes c class. These have the slightly wider rear alloys. They need a complete refurb. I purchased these as reserves when I had my c class, which I've subsequently sold, so no use for these now. The attached photo is a stock photo...
  7. Scooby_Doo

    19" AMG twin spoke alloys ??

    I have a mint 19" alloy which I bought as a replacement , but never fitted ,for a kerbed alloy on my 2013 E class coupe. When I sold the car I kept the wheel as I bought another E class coupe. Whilst looking at the wheel today I realised that it isn't fitted with a pressure monitoring valve as...
  8. 219

    Mark Cosovich's separated at birth twin ?

    I've long been aware of Kent B , but listening to this video , the script seemed awfully familiar ....
  9. G

    C63S 19" 5 Twin Spoke AMG Wheel

    Looking for a front 19" 5 Twin Spoke AMG Wheel which are standard on the C63S Coupe (silver/grey finish) Cheers.
  10. stwat

    900 HP Twin Turbo Mercedes SLS AMG - One Take [YOUTUBE HD]s6_uYa5FUkY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  11. R

    Twin Turbo C63

    what you guys think, i think its a beast!
  12. BAZ-500SL

    Why aint my twin rad fans working

    Hello guys, got a issue with the twin radiator fans not working, they are still standing still when the temp is at 100, the auxiliary fan connected to the belt is spinning but the twin fans are not working the car is a mercedes 500sl R129 1990, is there a relay can check I have checked all Fuses...
  13. A

    Genuine Mercedes x164 ( gl ) Estate 4x4 BRABUS twin exhaust

    Hi people I have a used BRABUS exhaust that cost new over £1700 pounds! Removed from our GL when it went back. Brabus badges ( unused ) included in sale. £500.00 OVNO Located in Cardiff Many thanks Picts available by e-mail.
  14. T

    CLS Twin Cup Holder, help.

    I have a W219 CLS with the standard lift up flap cubby hole in the centre console and no cup holder. My question is can the twin cup holder be directly fitted or do I need the complete centre console?
  15. D

    Mercedes 16ltr v8 twin turbo clutch change

    Admin please remove if this aint allowed This is by far the biggest mercedes engine iv ever worked on, its fitted in a Grove 5100 all terrian crane that weighs around 70t on the road so this engine and transmission gets quite stressed, its got a 680hp and does around 2-3 mpg on a good day...
  16. janner

    W124 E320 twin turbo Cabriolet

    Needs AMG wheels but looks decent condition for under £8k? No engine pics, which is a bit odd? 1993 MERCEDES 320 CE CABRIOLET A TWIN TURBO | eBay
  17. rockits

    Jaguar xj 2011/11 black 3.0 diesel twin turbo premium luxury £22950 vat qualifying

    Just selling/replacing my work XJ so have given to my brother to sell for me. He sells all my cars for me as it is his line of work and business. Much easier this way ;) Always happy to do a nice deal for a MB Club UK member though either as private sale from me or through my brother retail...
  18. E

    300e brabus twin turbo - exchange and mart

    Hi guys seen this car advertised for 6-7 months at least for 3300, it didnt sell... Its a manual left hooker with what seems to be a mosselman kit. Contacted the seller, didnt get very good info. I'm from Israel and i was nearly tempted...but the fact that at this price nobody grabbed it was...
  19. M

    A couple more Twin Turbo 124s

    As well as the saloon for sale in the other recent thread, here are a couple more 124 Twin Turbo conversions (one Mosselman, one Turbo Technics by Hughs), both in coupe form. Mosselman Coupe The photos could be better quality, with an added engine shot. Hughes TT Conversion: It has an updated...
  20. DanMorgan

    3.2 Litre 190e & Twin Turbo W124 30024v [CC]

    On Cars and Classics: 190e: 190E - 3.2 "The Baby Hammer" For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C680319] w124: W124 - 300E-24V Twin Turbo (TT) For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C680317]
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