1. Dannyallen89

    Any1 recommend a garage in Newcastle upon Tyne

    Does anybody know of a good garage in Newcastle upon Tyne I can get to remove the spoiler from my w204 and fit a carbon 1 I have bought? Thanks alot [emoji3]
  2. mickt

    Paint shop near Newcastle on tyne

    Any recommendations for a good paint/body shop near Newcastle on Tyne.
  3. bigjacques1

    Dyno in Newcastle upon tyne

    Does anybody know or can recommend where I could go to get a dyno done in or around Newcastle upon tyne ? I had a remap done and I am very happy with the result but no dyno was done .I feel that a dyno should be done to get the best results.any suggestions please?
  4. A

    Great condition. S class 2002 w220 Tyne and wear

    Up for sale is my Mercedes S class 320CDI. In dark blue, with black leather. It has covered 135 thousand miles and has great service history. it has been serviced at: 10k-24k-37k-53k-63k-75k-105k-110k-121k and 131k During this service i gave the car the works, every fluid and filter was...
  5. M

    Hello to all from sunny Newcastle upon Tyne

    I would like o say hi to everyone as this is the first time on this site. I am looking to buy A124 e320 ;) and a 190e for my son :bannana: as his first car.
  6. regbuser

    Ovingham Bridge, River Tyne

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Was running late on appointments and set the sav for 'direct route' between Prudhoe and Gosforth Ovingham Bridge I can confirm that a X218 with 285s on the back doesn't fit very well (or rather, fits very snugly) It wasn't the stone quoins at each end, nor...
  7. bigjacques1

    Exhaust upgrade - Newcastle Upon Tyne

    I want to change to a performance exhaust and I am asking for suggestions or recommendations from members for companies in or around Newcastle Upon Tyne that they have used.Based on price,service,etc.Either for full exhaust or just rear performance box,any help will be appreciated.
  8. bigjacques1

    Indie in Newcastle upon tyne

    I have been following the discussion around the service of the automatic transmission,and as the old saying goes,rather be save than sorry,I gave Phil at Staits garage a call.As always he was very helpfull and advised the service should be done at about 40 000 miles if you want to look after the...
  9. Igurisu

    Good quality restaurant in Tyne & Wear?

    I have to arrange a dinner for our company president and an important client in the Tyne and Wear area but I'm not familiar with fine dining in that part of the country. I've been trawling reviews but wondered if anybody local could recomend something good? Looking for fine dining, michelin...
  10. dresho

    independent Mercedes approved workshops in tyne and wear

    hi there anyone know any Mercedes approved garages in tyne and wear that will offer great bodywork but not at stealership prices?? thanks!any help appreciated!:thumb:
  11. Pitts Pilot

    P & A Motor Vehicles – Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

    Has anyone had dealings with this particular car dealer? I thought I should post a note of my experience of these dodgy guys. I was going to buy a SL350 from them, but as they were in Sunderland, and I was in London, I had the car inspected by the RAC before I actually saw it. No point of...
  12. Harrythedog

    Tyne Tunnel now fully opened

    For those that regularly travel in the North East of England I can confirm that both tunnels are now open. Hopefully we'll say goodbye to nightmare queues
  13. Y

    Servicing Newcastle Upon Tyne

    My c220 cdi is only 700 miles away from B Service. Can someone recommend me for a cheap and good garrage in Newcastle for the service?. Thanks, Jib
  14. R

    Independant in Newcastle upon Tyne

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good indie in the Tyne & Wear area, pref Newcastle or Gateshead. Got a C270CDI and SLK230 to get sorted TIA
  15. xspencex

    Merc Specialist in Tyne & Wear area?

    Hi, Usually get my cars done up in Glasgow but living in the NE at the moment, nice to have a specialist near by...any ideas? Cheers
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