1. M

    Installing a SLR type Bluetooth cradle

    HI all, I have lost the instructions to my SAP bluetooth cradle - can anyone give me a link to print them off or re-fresh me on pairing my phone to it. Many thanks
  2. Laters

    Wanted O/S rear window module/mechanism 1998 W202 (canbus type)

    Wanted O/S rear window module/mechanism 1998 W202 (canbus type) Wanted off side (drivers side in the UK) rear window module mechanism. It is the type that has the multiplug/canbus connector. If you have one with the window cable snapped even better as mine works fine (the window goes up...
  3. SilverSaloon

    R107 SL headlamp wiper electronic motor (coil type) repair

    Hi I've started to dismantle and try and fix my broken wash/wipe system on my 107. I removed the whole unit from the car and went to test it with Red wire to Pos but the motor just appeared dead - no sound or anything. even if it was siezed i'd expect to hear something happening, so I...
  4. smiddyboy1

    Alternator type: Valeo or Bosch?

    Hi Everyone, and a happy new year to you all! My girlfriends W203 Coupe's alternator has died, on the epc there are two listed does anyone know which one it would be: Valeo or Bosch??? I've had a look at the car but without removing the engine cover and the underbody protection you just cannot...
  5. grober

    10cars and the type of women they attract!

    From our cousins across the pond. A festive offering from ever reliable JALOPNIK. Click on the car picture to see the woman you get. Sexist -possibly? funny - yes. I could see some scope for a similar UK/EURO offering. ;)...
  6. J

    Thread type: UNC or UNF?

    Hi all I am currently restoring a classic car, a 1961 Warwick. I want to buy some replacement nuts and bolts but I am confused by the thread types. I know it is not metric so it must be UNC or UNF. Does anyone know the differences and the type it is likely to use. Thanks in advance. joe
  7. M

    Powersteering Fluid Level and Type

    Hi My Merc 208 has low power steering fluid I think. It is the containor that sits just next to a big air pipe and its right ontop of a pump so im guessing its power steering or otherwise im stuck? i assume its not for my sequentronic box... what fluid does my car take? when i opened the...
  8. ROLANDRAE1972

    what type cd changer do i need

    hello everyone i have an 03 c class estste fitted with the command dx system and as you know you cant play cds unless you remove satnave disk{pain in the rear} i want to know what cd changer bracket and leads i need to buy so it works properley,as im not sure at all, many thanks , ps maybe you...
  9. Z

    for sale mercedes locking wheel bolts smaller type

    I have the smaller type locking wheel bolts for sale,again brand new and genuine mercedes,these fit slk,some A and B class and other models too
  10. SilverSaloon

    DRIVERS AIRBAG WITH CHROME STAR (w124, w140, w202, w210 type)

    Hi If anyone has a drivers airbag with a chrome star of the type that fits w124, w140, w202 or w210, i'm interested - PM me please :) if it sweetens things, i have a non-chrome star airbag that i am happy to Part-ex on ;) - i can also post this 1st if you want so you could do the swap...
  11. kikkthecat

    For the shy retiring type

    Or the terminally stupid. Yours for £100,000 sir Batmobile.
  12. S

    How does the type of engine effect crash test performance.

    A safety related thread this one but I am genuinely curious to find out how certain models in a range would perform in a crash. Lets take the W211 E class saloon as an example. The NCAP test was done on an E220cdi Elegance, see it here How would an I6 engined E320cdi fare in that test with the...
  13. NW_Merc

    Is it possible to get OEM tools of this type?

  14. tudu

    Whats an SLR TYPE

    Hi, anyone help - whats an SLR type bluetooth cradle, and will it work with my iPhone? Thanks.
  15. lynall

    2001 C320 what type of gearbox fitted?

    I have the dipstick coming for the 722 box for my car E430 and was wondering if same trans is fitted to my wifes 2001 C320? Done a search but no joy, thin on the ground via google to. Lynall
  16. grober

    Dilbert type Memo's-for real

    I found this real life "Dilbert" memo compilation on an American PSB site and thought I would "share"! 1. As of tomorrow, employees will only be able to access the building using individual security cards. Pictures will be taken next Wednesday and employees will receive their cards in two...
  17. flango

    AMG type Aluminium rubber stud pedals W208 CLK Manual

    Could anyone confirm the part numbers for the above, as from what I've received so far there appears to be some discrepency and I'm worried that I might actually order the wrong thing as some of the numbers I've been given might refer to a W209 and not a W208 any help or confirmation would be...
  18. D

    Watch out, new type of knife

    Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organs:eek: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1035729/Britain-alert-deadly-new-knife-exploding-tip-freezes-victims-organs.html
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