1. ash59fifty-uk

    F Type Jag S

    As above Surveying part of a large water site today, and one of the managers there had one of these. After talking about cars he took me out in a blast in it, what a car! Pickup on throttle was nice, kick down nice, the sound of the changing of gears was sublime It also had a button in the...
  2. Adamccc

    F Type R vs CLS63 vs Porsche Turbo S

    Treated myself to a little track experience last week - fantastic day, no helmets, no patronising passengers telling you how to suck eggs etc and the ability to take you're own car on for £5/lap which, if you're not one for full track days but want to explore the cars limits in a very safe...
  3. Charles Morgan

    My type of garden

    Lots of Japanese Acers, some interesting architecture and a classic car (in a flat colour). Lovely! Chelsea flower show preview ? in pictures | Life and style | The Guardian
  4. jamesfuller

    Electrical goods/consumer rights type question.

    Three weeks ago we went to a well known chain of electrical shops looking for a laptop for SWMBO. We found one we where happy with and went for it. Its not been great to be honest, a few technical issues and also it keeps losing the wifi network. (no problem with any other of our 5 devices...
  5. ray d

    Oh dear test drove the "f" type v8

    Have made a bad mistake but took a extended test drive in the Jag F type. I thought our cars were quick but that car is in another league. Total animal at any speed. It has the "loud" button for the exhausts which is brill. Have been on to Merc dealer over here and have asked them to see if an...
  6. C

    atf fluid type

    What spec type atf do I use for a e320 cdi w211 2003?
  7. uumode

    Type of plastic on W205 centre console?

    Is it Acrylic Polycarbonate ABS I think it looks like Polycarbonate, but not sure Trying to source some plastic polish to polish out very fine swirls induced by O.H.
  8. BIG_G_1979

    w212 drl (hockey stick type) removal

    Hi guys need advice on how to remove the drl from from bumper, my dad's driver side one seems to have been pushed in so I need to remove it to see what's going on, does the black moulding remove from the front of car or do I need to go underneath and remove from rear inside the bumper? Any tips...
  9. V

    SL63 Type A service cost

    Tried to get a quote yesterday from Inchcape for a A service. Waited for 5 mins then got a call back to say sorry can't quote at the moment, will email then get back to you! Any clues how much it could be 5 years old 38k Thanks
  10. O

    W205 Alloy wheel type

    Hi Quick question for you knowledgeable people. Are the standard 17" alloys on the latest W205 dimond cut? I've had conflicting answers. They just look like a very highly polished finish to me. I can see no evidence of any the usual fine cutting marks. There are also a lot of radiused curves...
  11. acej

    GTS vs F type R AWD

    Get passed the 1st bit and there's are really interesting track comparison. http://mbworld.org/articles/amg-gt-s-vs-jagaur-f-type-r-head-2-head/?newsletter?utm_source=jan16&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=content
  12. S

    Civic type r

    Anyone looked at the new one? I can get a really good px against the c63 as they are similarly priced? They look more aggressive than the A45 a bit short on power but meant to handle very well.
  13. GLK

    For Sale: OE Fog Lights - Round type - A C M CLS

    Following my DRL mod, for which I used a brand new fogs, I have for sale a pair of genuine MB fog lights - these are the round type and fit a number of models, part numbers are: OS: A251 820 0856 NS: A251 820 0756 Clean, with clear lenses and shiny, undamaged reflectors. Adjusting...
  14. L

    Brabus 20" Monoblock type VI 2pc wheels SL600 SL55 K8

    As title. These came spare with a Brabus SL600 that my boss bought a while ago. Rears are 10.5" with 305/25/20 Yokohama Advan close to 7mm Fronts are 9" with 255/30/19 With continental contact 3, one with 6mm the other is new. The wheels look immaculate, just two very small chips in the...
  15. P

    Can anyone recommend a good DA type polisher

    I've decided to have a go at correcting the paintwork on my car ( guards red 944 porky ) Been looking at purchasing a DA polisher to try and bring the paint back and get rid of the swirls etc. Has anyone bought such a machine lately? Also any advice on products to use. Many thanks Paul
  16. H

    c43 engine/gearbox oil type & capacity

    Hi. I have sourced all the parts for my c43 project and will be putting it back together over the next 10 days. I have bought the gear oil from merc but not clear on how much it will take to fill the box and torque convertor from dry and the proper procedure i.e. while its running etc...
  17. S

    Which Type of Oil W203

    Hi Can someone please confirm which make and type of oil I should use for a Mercedes C200 W203 2001. Cheers Mark
  18. A

    Different Type of Claims

    Hi, I had an accident, other party refused to accept his fault he sought for medical claim as well. finally the case was in my favour, my car was fixed and access was paid but now Insurance company says that Medical claim is still pending from other party so they cannot close this...
  19. optimusprime

    Alarm type

    Would like to know what alarm you have on your Mercedes.? My alarm is a Samuri .The alarm goes off on the car ,the out side wall fixed sensor light comes on ,and i come out the door with a sword in my hand like a cuckoo out of a cuckoo clock
  20. andy27168

    CLS 219 Front Grill single bar type

    For Sale CLS 219 front grill, later single bar style bought brand new 3-4 months ago, replaced due to fitting distronic. PM me for more details, price etc. Pic of my CLS with the said grill fitted.
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