1. Max Shine

    What tyre pressure?

    I have Genuine Staggered Night Edition alloys with 285/30/19 on rears. What tyre pressure should these be at as my filler cap only shows 275/30/19?
  2. T

    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
  3. C

    Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection - - Insurance from MB

    When I picked up my c43 from MB they said they have thrown in Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection policy. Has anyone else had this? I am able to have 6 repairs done to my alloys and 4 new tyres (does not cover wear and tear). I need 4 new tires but its only covered if my tyres pop or they are...
  4. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  5. I

    Help: Non- GLC Tyre Skipping.

    Having spoken with AMG technical, they are going to carry out a technical inspection of my GLA45<AMG next week due to it experiencing the same tyre crabbing issues as GLC owners. I would really appreciate inputs via this forum from any 'non GLC owners' who are experiencing tyre crabbing. This...
  6. I

    GLA45 AMG Tyre issues!!

    Colleagues, I purchased a 2016 GLA 45 AMG (ex demo) with 20 inch AMG wheels. Due to a tyre skipping issue I have now learnt that the car is fitted with Continental 'Summer tyres' and following discussion with my dealership have been advised that 'only Continental Summer Tyres' ('235/40/zr20 96y)...
  7. I

    Gla45 AMG Tyre Skipping

    Apologies if a thread already exists....New to MBC. 1) Tyre skipping/crabbing on my 2016 GLA45 AMG with 20inch AMG wheels. Has anyone else experienced the same issue as GLC and C43 owners. I reported mine some months ago and MB are still saying they are unaware of any issue with GLA's on 20 inch...
  8. W

    Best mid range tyre for c class?

    Hi I am looking for a good mid range tyre for the rear wheels on my c class. I was looking to get hankook as I have them on the front. But the back tyres are almost double the price I paid for the front. Back tyre Size is 255 / 35 / 18 / 90Y. Looking to spend around £60 if possible to...
  9. W

    Tyre advice please

    My car is the Mercedes c class c200 s203 2001 estate. I am currently running 18inch wheels and continental mc5 tyres, this was the original combination when i bought the car. The current tyres I recently put on in Jan this year because i followed what was already on the car and now the car has...
  10. I

    C350e Tyre pressures

    I'm about to fit 19" wheels to my C350e. The tyre sizes will be 225/40/19 front and 255/35/19 rear. Could somebody please let me know the tyre pressures I should use ? (My car only has tyre pressures for the 17's on the filler flap) Thanks in Advance.
  11. Psilonaught

    Correct 19" winter tyre size for 63 plate e63

    Bit confused by the manual on winter tyre fitment. It says the rears are either of the below. FA: 255/35 R19 96 RA: 285/30 R19 98 I thought the rear alloys were staggered so how can you fit rears that are identical to the front?! What sizes of 19 winters are people running on their...
  12. FateSynchro

    E63 Tyre Options

    Please can someone reccommend me some good track/summer tyres that are also still reasonable in the wet. I know the obvious choice is the MPSS's but thats rocking in at just under £1000 for four. And im hoping to keep things around the £750 mark if possible.. i dont mind stretching if people...
  13. I

    VDO Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Part number S180014730Z. New in box. Fits a variety of MB models using part numbers: A002 540 48 17 A002 540 67 17 A002 540 69 17 A002 540 80 17 £35 inc delivery.
  14. Londonscottish

    Will W207 Tyre Pressure Sensors work on a 212?

    Hi All, I'm getting the 18's I bought off Woodythewise fitted later today. Two are being refurbed, polished and waxed as I type this, the other two are sitting gleaming in my garage. BUT I called the tyre place earlier and asked them if they could swap over the tyre pressure monitor...
  15. RickyBurrows

    tyre size advice?

    Ok I'm having some issues with the correct tyre wall size to match front to back without any rubbing issues, I currently have a 245 35 19 front on 8.5j and rear is 275 35 19 on a 9.5j, my problem if you haven't already guessed is the huge tyre wall on the rear its terrible and ugly! So my...
  16. A

    Rear tyre recommendations for C350

    I'm close to needing new rear tyres on my (W203) C350. It currently has Pirelli Cinturato P7, which were on it when I bought the car. A couple of MOTs ago, I had the front tyres replaced with Continental Contisport Contact 5, for no other reason than the Merc garage I was at didn't have...
  17. R

    Odd Tyre Pressure Warning

    Was driving my w169 A Class yesterday and out of the blue got a big red 'Check Tyre pressures' warning on the display. All tyres looked ok,pressures normal. Then asked to reset pressure warning system which I did and went on my way. Anyone had anything similar?
  18. B

    Spare tyre and tyrefit bottle

    It only just occurred to me that it's slightly odd that my car has the tirefit temporary fix can, but also has a spare wheel. Is this perhaps because the spare won't fit over the front discs? Or is it just a belt and braces approach?
  19. Captain Smerc

    Winter tyre set

    My low mileage set of staggered Vredestein Wintrac Extreme S are up for grabs . The autumn is coming ...:eek: Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201967940877
  20. mark44

    Damage free tyre change?

    What is the safest way to avoid alloy damage when having your tyres changed? Obviously going somewhere you have been before and not had a problem is one possibility, but is there a superior type of tyre extractor a fitter should be using or technique I should ask if they do? About to do a...
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