1. nickpb

    Wolfrace alloy wheels complete with winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Wolfrace Oslo alloy wheels fitted with Kumho I'Zen KW27 winter tyres. I used them on my 2012 C220 BlueEfficiency Sport Estate (S204), which I no longer have. More specific details follow: Wheels are 7.5J x 17 H2 ET47 Wheels are in very good condition but there are some...
  2. m.b-amg

    FS Matt Black AMG style alloys with tyres.

    Here we have a full set of Mercedes AMG style wheels complete with new tyres ( see receipt ) these wheels are matt black with a polished lip and come with all centre caps and AMG badges. These wheels are unique with the twist screw cap centre cap ( not like the pop off caps, these screw off...
  3. bigdom1957

    what tyres should i get

    youve most prob seen this one a million times ,got a c class 220 2015 ,continentals on the back allmost ready to change but seems continentals are thetyres for mercs , does anyone run differant ones , basicly there a soft tyre ,
  4. T

    C43 Coupe Tyres

    I've got a C43 coupe on order for delivery next month, with standard 18" wheels (not run flats hopefully) Wondering what tyres it will have on, are they fitting cross climate as standard now after the crabbing issue. Or has anybody had replacement cross climate fitted to stop crabbing? We...
  5. Shakey60

    Need advice on sticky tyres

    Afternoon guys and girls, new to this site as i've only had my car a few months but wondered if anyone could advise me. I have a W205 C63 and took it to Santa pod last weekend. I had a nightmare trying to get any traction off the line, spun in the first 3 gears but when it hooked up it was a...
  6. I

    Tyres for my Mercedes sprinter

    Believe it or not my Mercedes sprinter is the 2007 version and only now have I got to have some new tyres on the front. I am a disabled driver so don't awful lot of driving. I suppose it's best to replace with what was already on there. How much are tyres for the Mercedes sprinter nowadays?
  7. F

    Winter tyres & wheels

    Not wanting to wish summer away, but I'm looking to get winter tyres and wheels later in the year - E350 Estate. First time I got them (on another car), I put the winter tyres on my normal alloys. Soon realised my mistake of course, as I had to pay around £50 each spring/autumn to get them...
  8. Sonny Burnett

    FS: Carlsson 3/6 3 piece 18" x4 with tyres

    Hi Guys, I have listed my beloved carlsson 3/6 rims ( bought from a member on here ) on ebay. Carlsson 3/6 3 piece 18" x4 with tyres | eBay Thanks, James.
  9. BenC180CGI

    W204 18" Genuine AMG Staggered Alloys with tyres for sale

    Used full set of 18" Alloys and tyres. Tyres like new Few kerb marks Require a little tlc Not bent nor cracked Would like £600 but will accept offers Collection only from Norwich, Norfolk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. yorkshiregit

    Winter tyres

    Finally changed to a Benz, and intend buying a set of winter tyres, any recommendations for good suppliers for wheels & tyres please?
  11. zenman63

    Costco for tyres

    Looking for new tyres for my ML63 today, looked on line at Camskill, Tyre leader etc all much the same but after my last tyre purchase I had problems finding anyone who would fit them! Just called my local Costco for Michelin tyres, there cheaper there than on line for the same tyre and another...
  12. P

    W212 E63 Tyres

    Hi Guys, I have a set of offset winter tyres in the garage form a previous car and wonder if people think they would fit the E63 (W212 2015) ? Winter tyres are: Front 255/40 19 Rears 275/35 19 Thoughts appreciated, if no good will eBay them but thought its worth a check first. Prawn
  13. M

    2016 Mercedes Vito Tyres life expectancy?

    2016 Mercedes Vito Tyres life expectancy? We are burning through tyres like there is no tomorrow!! 3 sets of front tyres since new and only 45,000 on the clock! Current Tyres are - continental contact and are shot after 10,000 I was wondering if this is normal, and if not can...
  14. GrumpyGramps

    Inflator for Space Saver Tyres and Fire Extinguisher

    Inflator for Space Saver Tyres for my 1998 SLK 230 Compressor. Would really prefer an original if possible, can anyone point me in the right direction? Also looking for a Fire Extinguisher any ideas please. I am based in West Midlands so the more local the better but am happy to pay...
  15. tron

    W202 alloys four, free with tyres.

    Nothing special, fairly tidy, standard W202 ten hole alloys from 1998 S202 Elegance. Two Uniroyals with wear to outer edge, two more in good nick with plenty of tread. Need the space so £0. Buyer collects from Poole.
  16. Robdata

    Front tyres worn inside

    Even the treat overall is very good on my front tyres, they are really bad on both sites on the inside. Car is 2013 C63. Is that common or is this a trip to do camber?
  17. N

    SLK 55 Rear tyres 2014

    Guys , I have done a search but cannot find it. Thought I had read about upping the width of the rear tyres from 255 x 35 x 18 to 265,s instead. Would I need to keep 35 profile or drop to 30 profile with the 265 width? I am just in the process of changing the fronts but am keeping the 235 width...
  18. estate-agent

    General Grabber AT's 17" off road tyres.

    4 x 225-65-17 General Grabber All Terrain tyres. Knobbly off road tyres, nearly new so tons of tread, no damage whatsoever, these were on a Honda CRV I purchased but they were too noisy for my liking and I don't count school runs or going to the office as "off roading" so they have to go...
  19. kam05

    New tyres - Vredstein Ultrac Satins

    So I need a full set of tyres for the W204. After going through 3 sets of Vredstein Ultrac Sessentas covering approx 70k my local tyre man tells me that the Sessentas are discontinued. The replacement for the Sessentas are the Satins. Ordered 4 of these (225 45 17 XL and 245 40 17 XL) and had...
  20. m.b-amg

    New 2017 AMG C43 alloys and tyres

    I'm selling my 2017 full set of 18" AMG alloys only 6 weeks old, with Bridgestone Potenza rubbers all round. Tyre size is front 225/45/18 and rear 245/40/18 No marks wheels are as new. Come with the new design 2017 hub centre caps. Wheels will be removed end of next week. See picture of wheels...
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