1. Darrell

    Uber. Good or bad.

    Me, wife and daughter went to the London Boat Show today and because of engineering works and the tube strikes we got an Uber taxi from Blackfriars Stn to Excel. The whole process was quick, efficient and pain free. Taxi turned up which in two minutes, the app told me the drivers name, the...
  2. gr1nch

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Just for back from Portugal and after getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Porto, tried Uber later. Chatting with the driver, he explained that he worked (wage + commission + full use of car) for a boss who had a fleet of 10 cars all fully maintained. All the driver had to do was clean the...
  3. NDFR

    Uber McLaren

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-br-Re03-qc&feature=youtu.be A bit of fun.
  4. balge

    Deutschland uber alles

    Germany opening at least five new open cast lignite mines BBC News - German coal industry underpins renewable push Britain closing deep coal mines BBC News - Kellingley and Thoresby deep mines to hit 1,300 jobs I am at a loss for words, how is this possible? How does it fit in with all the...
  5. Niks

    Uber expensive W124 Gen II front bumper

    Orig. AMG Stossstange Mercedes W124,Mopf 2,letzte serie | eBay Looks nice though!
  6. Pontoneer

    Mercedes Uber Alles

    Adolf Hitler's Mercedes bought by Russian for £5m - Telegraph
  7. Barbanasos

    1990s Uber Saloons

    Was browsing/tidying photos on my pc and came across this photo. What a shot and how beautiful all these cars look like. I had made it as a poster decorating my bedroom as a teenager. I have found the original article pages as images but all in german unfortunately.
  8. sportyreptile

    The S500 Uber Tank

    Well, hopefully if I've done it right. PS, not my gravel drive by the way, wish it was, Rather a very nice hotel in Ipsley Redditch. Wooo Hooo it worked!!
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