uk 63 amg

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    Private plate forsale "Uk 63 AMG"

    Still got the private plate off my old car i no longer have any use for it. Uk63 AMG. Nice finish to a car in my opinion...... everyones different. Anyway £1500 ono. No silly offers please im not giving it away. Email me at [email protected] Cheers Liam :)
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    Private plate forsale "UK 6.3 AMG"

    Hi guys i traded in my c63 a couple of weeks back and kept my private plate that i had on it, its no good for the new car (RS7) therefore forsale. All fee's paid and will comes with my plates which has a screw between 63 so it reads "UK 6.3 AMG" its a nice finish to a car, always got more people...
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