1. smoothrider

    Ukraine President's W126

    just a glimpse i wonder who bagsied it BBC News - Ukraine crisis: Protesters seize 'ex-president's son's cars'
  2. zsmaster

    Euro 2012. England plays Ukraine on June16

    Ukraine won Sweden this Monday! :bannana: Are there someone currently in Ukraine now? Or is going to visit? Have a suggestion to support favorite teems together! And can provide fascinating site-seeing! ;)
  3. zsmaster

    Hello from Ukraine!

    Hi all! I've registered here a long time ago, forget about it and now remember :D Want to become true member of the Forum :rock: I'm from Kiev, Ukraine. Hope somebody know about this East part of Europe :thumb: Recently I finished tough and ambitious project by converting w124 200E to...
  4. d w124

    Mercedes Ukraine GTG

    Got the video from the other place YouTube - V International Festival Mercedes-Benz Owners'. Ukraine, Kiev 11 june 2011
  5. DmitryE230

    Info & Photo-IV International Festival Mercedes-Benz Owners' 22 may 2010 Kiev Ukraine

    Kiev, Ukraine. 22 -24 May 2010 IV International Festival Mercedes-Benz Owners' - Showing achievements in the conservation of classical and modern design of cars, sound installations and individual tuning. During the festival, held: - Presentation of new models of coupe and convertible...
  6. Druk

    Ukraine's got talent..............

    I defy you not to shed a tear. YouTube - Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing
  7. 230K

    Disabled car from Ukraine

    Hi I spotted this little lady while out for a walk yesterday. It is a car for a disabled person with hand controls. Only took the 3 pics. 230k
  8. 230K

    Excerpts from Ukraine Autotrader

    Hi Just a few pages from the Ukrainian Autotrader type magazine. Some big prices for Mercedes cars being asked. They seem to deal in US dollars when selling larger items. Regards, 230K
  9. 230K

    Off to the Ukraine in the morning!

    Hi After 4 weeks holiday the party is over and i am off to the work in The Ukraine in the morning for 2 weeks. Have to get up at 3.20am then bus to Dublin Airport then fly to Budapest then onto Kiev. I will then have a car journey in -10 deg for 6-8 hours before reaching the house. A bit...
  10. 230K

    Some pics of Ukraine

    Hi Below are some of my pics from Ukraine. Lorry in pic above is like a copy of an old MB Truck???? 230K
  11. 230K

    Any advice on working in the Ukraine

    Hi Does anyone have any advice on working in the Ukraine? I have the option of taking 2 years on a contract with approx 3 times my current take home pay per year. I would work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with another chap with the 2 weeks off spent at home with the wife and kids. I have no...
  12. DmitryE230

    Greetings! All once again! Visit in London Ukrainian Man from Mercedes Club Ukraine

    Greetings! All once again. Ohhh it is a pity, that anybody does not have an opportunity to meet me during from June, 21 till June, 25th... Or there can be I have not seen? Put please contact phones with whom it will be possible to meet and communicate? Ау brothers? More in detail about my...
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