1. A

    09 W204 UMI help

    Hi, first real post here so please be gentle! Just picked up my 09 W204 and found that it has the UMI installed (the one with the wires coming out of the back of it in the glovebox). Anyhow, it seems to have nav in it, when I press and hold the C button next to the wheel thingy it displays...
  2. C

    sat nav not working. Umi - Audio 20

    I recently bought a 2008 C Class estate that has a UMI unit in the glovebox ( with connections for USB, IPOD and 3.5mm jack) . When I was trying to get an MP3 player to work I discovered it has a sat nav incorporated. To access the sat nav you hold down the "C" button next to the command knob...
  3. D

    UMI bluetooth + nav4 issues

    Morning guys ive got a 2010 w204 with the umi nav4. Im having 2 issues if anyone can spred some light on 1. The nav just says 'searching' when i stick a post code in... it wont find satalites for some reason 2. When connecting to my bluetooth the phone side of things connects fine as...
  4. T

    WTD: UMI Cable Set

    For a 2009 W207 with COMAND. Three cables in the set but if you only have the iPod one that's the one I'm really after. Thought I would check on here before eBay
  5. P

    UMI disappeared when retrofitting Comand Ntg4

    Hello, First of all apologizes for very bad english. I'm living in Corsica and not very easy english language forums. This is my problem: i've bought a 2011 c220 cdi Glk fitted with an aps 50 and little 5 inches screen. UMI connected (Usb, ipod..a.s.o) I asked to a local auto tech (No MB)...
  6. D

    C180 Sat Nav (UMI)

    Hi, I have a question, but i will explain what happened first. I have a 2009, C180 Mercedes (that i purchased last year in April). My UMI stopped working last month, I am still under warrenty, so I took my car back to Mercedes and they changed the interface, screen etc and everything was...
  7. H

    UMI Installation

    Hi All Is it Ok to ask for a lead to a top quality service provider to install UMI to my c 250 cdi w 204 2009. Had the quote of well lets just say its not an option but the UMI would suit my needs. Any pointers would be greatfull ? Thanks in advance
  8. EastExpert

    Navigation 20 map - Cheaper

    I bought out my car after the Agility contract came to its end, so I wanted to update my maps. I am using Navigation 20 with my W204 '09 C180K Estate. 1) Asked my dealership about the latest map update and they came up with £245 quote. Way too expensive for a menial, not so ground-shattering...
  9. K

    UMI for Audio 20

    Hi everyone, :) I was hoping to get some opinions and also feedback for people who have installed the UMI to the Audio 20 unit in the C Class W204 model. I am planning to do this and wanted to know if you have it installed already what you think in terms of the graphics vs tom tom/...
  10. J

    Navigation-20 (UMI) Version Info

    Is there any way to establish what version of the Navigation-20 software/maps is installed? I've just had a kit fitted and can't seem to find anyway of spotting that it is up to date. One thing that makes me wonder is that a major road that was finished over 2 years ago in my local area is...
  11. D

    retrofit upgrade of audio20 to UMI Nav +4

    Hi have recently purchased a Mercedes C180K SE 2009. It has Audio 20 and I am looking into upgrading it into Navigation 20 using the UMI Nav +4. The speedometer on my car looks different to the one advertised on MB Website. Mine is the older one with the black surround and the newer display...
  12. B

    Bluetooth v4.0 and W204 UMI

    I've got a 2009 W204 with the UMI (fitted from new) it has the 7 digit postcode search and works ok. The problem I have is that I just got a new phone (HTC One X) think this phone has a new Bluetooth spec. (version 4.0) and it won't pair with the UMI! Has anyone else seen this problem and is...
  13. Bobsta

    UMI and USB Hard Drives - definitive guide?

    Hi all, I'm getting increasingly infuriated trying to get my W204 (C63) to read from a USB HD. - USB sticks work fine when formatted with FAT32 (not with NTFS, understandably) - I then formatted my USB HD (Samsung S2 Portable 500GB) with FAT32 using FAT32format - no joy - I then tried...
  14. C

    Which COMAND system have I just bought

    Hi folks, new round here on account of the new C class estate (W204?) I put a deposit down on yesterday. It's a C220 CDI Executive SE estate, reg Jan 2011. Question 1: The car has a COMAND APS unit, but I do not know which version NTG4, 4.5 etc etc. I know that it has a HDD as the dealer...
  15. SchwarzesAMG

    mCar UMI

    So i am doing some "research" :p on all these MOST based units that are available as a bluetooth phone connectivity, ipod, a2dp solutions etc. Dension is out of the game because it lacks serious bluetooth phone connectivity support (even with the extra module there are serious limitations...
  16. T

    Low volume on iPod, UMI installed

    Hi, I have just bought a W204 C220 CDi Sport and it has the UMI fitted in the glovebox. After reading about the problem on the internet I ordered an in-line amp from Comand Online which I received today. Excuse the ignorance but after looking at the UMI box, there is no way to connect the amp...
  17. K

    Navigation 20 UMI or ECE

    I have been waiting for the Navigation 20 UMI interface for the Audio 20 to become available for the W207 E class Coupe. As it is now available I have been looking into the options but have noticed the Navigation 20 ECE as well. Can anyone explain the difference, or is it just a different name...
  18. J

    UMI Upgrade issue

    Last week I had an old UMI fitted that I got off ebay - no problems. Updated the software with a Mercedes 2009/10 maps update - no problems except when it got to load the maps it came up with an error asking me to try another USB stick and rebooted. Now the whole Navi system is inopperable as it...
  19. roswaldo

    Intermittant UMI Satnav Problem

    My UMI Satynav has decided to work as and when it feels like it. It can be working fine and next thing I gat a balank screen and the unit can't see any satellites. It's still covered by warranty (less than 12 mnth since fitted at dealers) but it's an 80 mile round trip to the dealers. The...
  20. NISFAN

    USB needs unplugging every time

    So annoying......... I have a 2010 C220CDi with Audio 20 + UMI / NAV upgrade. After buying a USB stick, and downloading countless CD's onto it, I am having an issue with the UMI reading the USB stick every time the ignition is turned on. Basically if I leave the USB stick attached, when I...
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