1. M

    My New 'Summer' Tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    OK, so after much debate I've decided to keep my recently refurbished AMG 18" alloys and use them as a Summer set (replacing the MAK Stern alloys/Nokian Weatherproof tyres I've had on over the Winter) - separate thread/pics to come when they've been fitted. Looking at what tyres to fit, in the...
  2. S

    'Summer' tyre thread

    I know a number of people think that in the UK, as we don't have a proper summer, there's no point of fitting 'Summer' tyres, but living in the south, where we get more sunlight, I think I'll be changing out my 'Winters' soon for some 'Summers' as the temps start increasing. What are...
  3. BTB 500

    Use of 'summer' tyres below 7 degrees

    It's been repeated many times here that winter tyres out-perform summer tyres below 7C on good road surfaces due to the softer rubber. Some have been less than convinced by this rather vague claim, wanting more specific details of compartitive braking distances at different temperatures. So I...
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