1. GLK

    GPS-Trace.com - unable to login

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the main portal? When I click on SIGN IN button nothing happens - I tried disabling Ghostery and AdBlock Plus (Safari 10.1 on macOS Sierra 10.12.4) - no change. Same thing in Firefox, although I haven't tried it in Linux, but suspect it'll be no...
  2. O

    unable to change scale on the Navi maps

    C class estate 08 plate we are unable to change the scale on any map,we have followed all the instructions, but rotating the control knob does nothing. If we upgrade do you think it will correct the issue. many thanks
  3. M

    GARMIN MAP PILOT 2014 Europe - unable to update since the card is too small

    Hi all, So got this and I need to update. It's 2014 MAP PILOT EUROPE and the car is C200. Pretty sure this thing has not been updated ever since my car was manufactured or when it went in the car (09-2015). I put it in my laptop, and it shows me that the map update itself is something like...
  4. stwat

    Unable to edit pictures in photobucket

    Is anyone else having problems with photobucket? I'm unable to edit pictures. it goes to the edit page but the picture doesn't appear and none of the edit icons can be clicked.
  5. Guy.Pap

    Unable to answer

    How many posts do I need to have posted before i am allow to reply to a classified on here ?? As I have just tried and it says I cant post as I dont have permission..
  6. K

    Unable to open boot or central locking, SL500

    I am unable to use the central locking of my 2002 SL500, the message close boot comes up but the boot will not close any further or open, the key turns in the lock but does not release. Fuse F71 has not blown, which has happened before and no other fuses appear to be blown either. The PSE pump...
  7. T

    Buying a car but unable to sign logbook on handover

    Evening all, bit of random question here, I'm potentially looking to buy a car this weekend (190e) but it's in Blackpool and I'm South Wales, the car looks great and ticks all the right boxes. I work for a dealer in Swindon and we have a empty truck coming back from Scotland on Monday that...
  8. DSM10000

    Unstable PC and unable to run a back-up

    My Windows 7 (Home Premium edition) laptop is now 3 years old and is showing all the usual Windows signs of age. Programs are taking longer to open, IE is unstable and often crashing as well as not opening full size (Auto-sizer will not always fix this either. The plan was to reinstall...
  9. J

    Unable to reset Service indicator on a 2006 Mercedes C180 K Estate

    Hi, I have owned my 2006 Mercedes C180K Estate for the past Six years, and always had it serviced by mercedes dealer, however this time I serviced the car myself using mercedes parts, oil,air and pollen filters and correct oil. However I am unable to reset the service indicator. I turn the key...
  10. W

    Unable to trace the knock/clunk

    Hi Guys Hoping for a shove in the right direction - When i bought the car (97' E300TD) in September it had a minor knock from the front end everytime i went over a hump or similar, overtime it sounds like it has got worse. It passed its MOT in December after replacing a track rod end...
  11. H

    W211 Command CD/DVD MP3 unable to play

    I thought i had this one solved late last year with a simple remove and replace the fuse and then a visit to Surrey to have heated seats installed where they kindly used a cleaning disk which got the unit working again. Back again with the same problem. Any CD/DVD inserted gives the on screen...
  12. B

    Unable to attach pics to my posts

    Don't know why but l can not seem to attach a pic to my thread. I upload my small jpeg to my attachments and it shows up (and can be opened) but then after a few minutes it disappears. I can still see it it my UCP but after about half hour disappears altogether. Please what am l doing wrong...
  13. B

    KeylessGO : Unable to open Door

    I cannot open the Door my car. I bought a second hand a month back. The car is CDI E270 year 2005. I can run the car without any issues. There is no battery check lamp on the KeylessGo; as mentioned in the manual so dont know if it is due to battery. How much does the battery cost, assuming...
  14. corned

    Unable to open embedded links in MS Outlook2007

    Hi all, Please can anyone help with a little problem I have? I run MS Outlook 2007 as part of the Office 2007 suite, on XP. For a couple of weeks I have not been able to open an embedded link in an email, for example a URL to a website. If I double-click on the link, an error message box...
  15. K

    Unable to turn ignition key

    Guys, An old 300CE I'm trying to make run again (see separate thread) has developed a new fault - I'm totally unable to turn the ignition. It had been a bit of a sod for a few days, but now totally refuses to turn, not matter how much jiggling of the key I perform. The original key was...
  16. A

    Unable to clear fault codes with Carsoft

    Hi, I'm pretty new here and hoping someone can help me out. I have a SL320 2000 year which developed a misfire. I have managed to get hold of a genuine Carsoft Multiplexer and can read out all the fault codes for each module, read live data etc, but when it comes to clearing the codes I...
  17. J

    Unable to lock the boot manually

    I have a 2005 W211. According to the owner manual, it said to you can manually lock the boot by turning the blade from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock. I can managed to turn it to 2 o'clock and cannot remove the blade. The blade can be removed only if I turn it back to 12 o'clock. The mechanical lock...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Rusty bolt + Unable to remove bumper - Help!

    Yesterday afternoon I attempted to remove my front bumper, 3 of the bolts unscrewed fine, the fourth (drivers side bottom) requried a huge amount of force to get it turning. Once it started turning it wouldnt stop, it appears I have broken the welded on 'cap' which is the top of the bolt, off...
  19. A

    Unable to release Steering lock

    Hi, I have a 2001 Mercedes Clk 200 kompressor, auto Not sure where my problem lies....car central locking is released via my key, but on entering the key into the ignition, it fails to turn. Steering wheel remain in locked position. Tried my spare key with same fault, even changing...
  20. J

    I am unable to wipe

    Long time lurker, first time poster... I've searched around but nothing quite specifically matches my problem. Maybe it's my search terms not bringing results but I've tried reading everything even after searching for just 'wiper'. Nutshell: The wipers only seem to work when I indicate...
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