1. D


    My 2003 Fiat was more comfortable than my C200 W204, The cloth seats are awful. Are the leather alternatives any better?
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Heads Up: Final Topgear with Clarkson etc Tonight - 8pm BBC2

    Final ever Clarkson Topgear, Gary Lineker guest. BBC2 8PM
  3. Pitts Pilot

    Uncomfortable seats fixed!

    I visited C E Moore, a car upholstery firm in north London yesterday. Put a special 'Gel Pack' on the drivers seat to provide more cushioning. Aaahh, improved comfort for my b^m. Wonderful! I've been using DIY foam seat cushions in both my SL350, and more recently my replacement...
  4. F

    Odd one! Uncomfortable seat

    I'm a happy 2007 E220 owner but I've noticed what I think is a problem with the front seats. I don't believe it's a problem with my seat but the cars design. Let me explain. I feel like the seat does not face the steering wheel and pedals correctly and twists the lower back. My suspicion...
  5. sspeed

    Uncomfortable Truth

    Hi All, Yesterday (Tuesday) at 8am I dropped my car off at the dealership to have the comfort seat none working pneumatics investigated. He phoned me today to say he has "some" news.. He said "The air pipe coming from the pump had a chafe through it and they had done the authorized repair".. Ooh...
  6. S

    W212 seats - very uncomfortable...?

    I feel quite lame posting this, but I have noticed that the side squabs on the front seats have very little padding above some hard part, presumably part of the seat frame. Occasionally whilst driving I keep having to shift around to avoid discomfort from it. This is the first car I have...
  7. T

    Uncomfortable Clk w209 ride & crunking rear

    Hi again, looking for a little advise to help solve my clk 240 2004 bumpy uncomfortable ride. I've been trying to solve this problem for approx 6 months. I've replaced front and shocks, mounts and springs all oem. I can still literally feel ever bump in the road and the rear passenger side...
  8. C

    C class coupe has uncomfortable seat belts

    was there ever a fix for this? It seems the anchor/door post is so far back it pulls on my shoulder regardless of the height setting. Myself and the missus complain:dk:
  9. glojo

    Uncomfortable E-class 211 seats

    On the S & M thread it was mentioned there was an article in Autocar about the seats on the new E-class being uncomfortable after journeys over one hour. I conducted a poll on a different site and kept the questions quite simple. After a minimum of one hours driving are you still pleased...
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