1. A

    Mercedes clk 430 Underbody

    Hello guys My Mercedes CLK430 has some rust underneath as the thick rubbery coating (maybe mastick) peeled off in some places causing moisture and salt to get in a start corroding the metal. as a preventative measure for the future i was thinking to remove that sticky rubbery factory...
  2. D

    R129 Underbody paint

    Hi All, I've just dropped the differential of my 95 SL and noticed a few small patches of surface rust. Obviously whilst I've got the space I thought it would be best to clean it up and repaint. To keep my OCD in check I was wondering if anybody knew what paint (code) Mercedes used on the...
  3. B

    underbody rust and treatment

    hi, my vito has a lot of quit a lot of rust underneath. As far I can tell not structural, just surface rust. I have successfully treated and removed rust from the bodywork. But from what I understand to remove the rust from the underbody, you have to; clean, remove surface rust (wire brush it)...
  4. C

    W210 Front engine underbody tray & Exhaust & Comand unit

    W210 320 cdi Avantgarde (1999 build date - registered 2000) require:- Front undertray for engine must be in good condition please. Looking for back box exhaust system. Comand system (Sat Nav must work - have own discs)
  5. shaneslk230

    Underbody plastics

    Hi Guys, I own a SLK230 R170 / 98, Can anyone tell me what the part/s name is for the plastics that sit under your car, for instance underneath the front bumper and up into the wheel arch and i'm also missing a small piece of plastic from inside my drivers door L/H/D i might add, ie...
  6. B

    Underbody rust proofing treatment

    Hi there, Just got my (2003) R230 back from the MB maindealer after some substantial work. I recently bought the car and discovered that the front suspension struts, rear suspension arms and SBC pump all required changing. During the work the dealer discovered that nearly all of the bolts...
  7. NW_Merc

    W202 steel carter plate (underbody plate)

    What do I need to fit this to my W202?
  8. redspecial2000

    plastic sump/engine underbody cover

    Hi all, Im looking for a part number for the plastic "tray" on the underside of my R171 SLK200. Can anyone assist? Also looking for a cheap supplier as my cracked one is splitting more and more by the week! :)
  9. M

    Underbody rust W210 , 2001

    I noticed a few spots of rust under my car last time i had the tyres changed so thought i would investigate I removed the cover and checked the crossmember while i was there but no serious rust as yet You can clearly see the problem is caused by poor paint and undersealing , where the car is...
  10. Birdman

    Underbody Knocking - or is it?

    It's a light, mechanical repetitive tapping noise apparently coming from the rear offside area usually heard when driving slowly (20mph) over bumpy roads. It produces two or three quick, light taps, then nothing. Even when the boot is emptied of everything including the warning triangle. Not...
  11. uumode

    Corrosion warranty doesn't cover underbody

    A new one to me, but dealer says MB Mobilolife corrosion warranty doesn't cover corrosion underneath the car.. floorpan, subframe etc. A bit of a shock as I automatically assumed it did.
  12. D

    ML Underbody Protector

    Anyone interested in a original underbody protector for an ML? Usual mercerdes over-engineering made of tank quality metal. It is brand new never fitted. I will take offers on this - will try to get the part number. Cheers Colin
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