1. sanj517

    W126 - Passenger Side Underdash

    Hi, This Part (the carpeted bit under the glove box) was off the car so long I can't rememer why it was taken off in the first place.. I tried to put back the original and the plastc parts broke with hardly any force.. So now i'm f****d.. I tried the dealer to replace but they stopped making the...
  2. 1

    W203 underdash cornering "click" "clack" noise

    I know already that's quite impossible to find out an answer but at least I share with you!:) I hear a sort of annoying "click" "clack" noise coming somewhere in the dash: bolow centre tunnel and steering wheel! I've dismounted and checked several times the radio the palsti panel below the...
  3. S

    Placement of Underdash GPS antenna

    Hi Everyone I have just installed a comand 2.0 into my Ml and the nav system is fluctuating wildly on how many sattellites it picks up. Seems to go from 0 to 7 but mostly stays between 0 to 3 which is not ideal. I used a generic under dash antenna and stuck it on the underside of the dash, just...
  4. M

    IDEAS ON: W203 underdash GPS module installation (COMAND addendum)

    During your COMAND installation only ============================= If you are using the front dashboard GPS sensor it will probably only be long enough to sit on the dashboard or hang out of the vent hole during installation. All of the remaining parts - gear shift, gear shift cover...
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