1. M

    Bang underneath car

    I seem to get a banging noise underneath my car on uneven surfaces around the transmission tunnel area,also when starting the car,does anyone have any ideas? W211 320 cdi
  2. Makdissy

    Standing underneath the car has made my day

    Hi guys, Today my A124 went for MOT test and as the guy was inspecting underneath the car I was there too ( don't ask why !! ) I guess I love seeing every bit of my car especially the parts that I don't usually see, anyway long story short I asked the guy if everything looks in good shape and...
  3. F

    Rubbery stuff underneath

    Hi all, I need to make some repair to the rubbery coating under the car (C43 AMG W-reg) after having some welding done and other scraping rust etc off. What exactly is it and can I get a tin of it to paint on? Regards....
  4. dazzaf1

    clk w209 270 cdi fuel leaking underneath pump

    Hi everyone , have a fuel leak that only occurs on cold start up , very frustrating as it only lasts about 20 seconds but fuel goes onto the belt and goes everywhere. Have replaced the plastic pipes as it initially looked like it was from there, and it seemed to cure it , but its back now, any...
  5. B

    Blowing sound underneath the engine B180CDI

    Hi I drive a B180 CDI and recently noticed a blowing sound coming from underneath the engine, it more noticable if you put your near the drivers side fromn arch. I took ot to Mercedes they could hear it but failed to diagnose it. Only 1 suspect comes to mind and that there could be a...
  6. jay1983

    Ml270 squeak from underneath

    Hi all it's me again. I think I'm gonna have to stop poking round my car as I'm finding more issues all the time. Now it's a squeak from underneath while the car is idling. It goes as soon as car is revved. I pushed on the exhaust and the squeaking stopped. I'm hoping it is just the exhaust...
  7. E

    Soooo what's that schraeder underneath the intake on my C32

    As above, what is the schrader underneath the left intake (when looking into the engine bay) on my C32, when I take the clipon cover off? A/C in on the RHS, and under the cover on the left of the condensor. I know where the gearbox is, so what is that externally threaded schraeder?
  8. Lukeydb

    screw missing underneath the car

    Hello I have one screw missing, does anyone know what is that screw and what part is this. Is located underneath my car in the middle... see pictures attached. What size is that screw?? Thanks
  9. N

    Smell of diesel and leak from underneath

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice. We've just returned from a 200 mile trip from Cornwall, got out of the car to find it stinking of diesel. Had a quick look underneath and in the middle, directly under the engine, an oily clearish substance is dripping quite consistently. I'm a...
  10. Nasco12

    Clattering from underneath

    Here's what happens: Start up - go to the supermarket - stop - return to car 15-20 mins later - start up - metallic clattering from underneath - move off - clattering ends. This does not happen when starting from cold - only when the engine is warm. If I get out of the car to have a look...
  11. Mobb

    Ticking noise from underneath the car?...

    So i've been noticing it for while and with a few other cars i've owned.. Mostly the Mercedes.. The car only makes this ticking noise when its running and idleing (not moving) or when the cars just been turned off after a run (small or long it still makes the noise). So now to try and explain...
  12. D

    Installing While led lights - underneath

    One of my mate has a 2001 CLk 320 and we are thinking of installed 3 (4leds each) lights underneath the car on both left and right side.we were thinking of having them lit up when he presses the unlock key on the remote and they would lite up along with the headlight. Is it possible and if so...
  13. Crazyjester900

    Underneath of engine bay

    Hey, i don't really know how to describe this properly, but what is the big piece of metal underneath your engine bay called? My car did not come with this.. you can look threw from the top of the engine bay and see the ground underneath. Very helpful for a guy who drops screw all...
  14. M

    2 Rusty Looking Diagonal Struts Going Across the Underneath of SLK.

    Was looking underneath the 98 SLK I'm driving at the moment and there are 2 diagonal struts going acroos the underneath of the car which seem to start from underneath the boot area and forward diagonally which look very rusty. What are these struts? Are they prone to rust and are they expensive...
  15. pupsi

    Underneath the car, rear mounted turbo kit?

    Was browsing on the internet and came across this: http://www.chevyhiperformance.com/techarticles/148_0502_rear_mounted_turbo/index.html After reading and thinking about it, it does seem like a very good idea. Would like other peoples views and opinions, pros and cons. Would like to do...
  16. N

    Leak from V280 (Underneath)

    Hi just purchased a V280 amb on a R 98 with 54k on the clock Problem I have is when I pull away from start up i leave a trail of what seems to be water, but it leaves marks on my drive and does not dry out. It does not seem to be oil as I do not get those lovely patterns and it does not...
  17. uumode

    Acoustic shield underneath car

    Who's heard of an acoustic shield that lines the entire (or most of) the underside of the car? Bodyshop reckon that the rust on my floorpan is 'actually' on my acoustic shield and formed by moisture and actually just wipes off, so just needs a valet underneath the car.
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