1. alistairgd

    Extreme ticking noise from underside - sound sample imside

    My W204 has been doing this from new, as far as I can recall, but I think it is getting worse. I never complained before because my BMW 318 did the same before, but now it is annoying the hell out of me and does not sound right. Everytime I park up after a drive, this is what I hear from the...
  2. clashcityrocker

    underside protection ( glasgow )

    just about to get the car prepped for winter has anyone ever done the underside ie waxoil or any other type of underbody sealant i imagine it would be better up on a ramp in a garage to give it a proper clean and seal is there anywhere in glasgow area that would do this cant be ****d lying...
  3. truckdiscovery

    Wax oiling the underside

    Hi has any member had there car wax oiled ? My car is a c220 saloon 2006 any advice Thanks
  4. M1 KRX

    Underside protection fasteners (help please)

    This is difficult to describe but on my driver side two of the plastic fasteners that hold the protection cover on to the underside of the car are are missing. Does anyone know what they are, clips or simple plastic nuts? if they are nuts then what's the tread size. Thanks in advance.
  5. C

    C124 - full cavity protection and underside treatment - Surrey/WestLondon area??

    Guys, Ive had some great advice on this from various members. However, I need someone local to carry out the job. Does anyone know of any good guys to do this job in the West London, Virginia Water...wider surrey area? Thanks in advance..
  6. C

    C124 - Underside leak....fuel?

    Guys, Have just got back from 2 weeks away and have found the benz is leaking. Will try and attach a few pictures that should provide a clear idea of where it is coming from....
  7. The Boss

    w124 interior drain points + rattle noise from underside of cabrio..

    hi guys 2 probs on 124 cabrio 1. water issues seems to be blocked in car.. how can i drain this? i have looked at underside and the things that look like gromets with a angled water spouts have been removed and cleared, but only a little of the water came out, not all of it. 2. have had a...
  8. S

    W124 E300d Coolant leak from underside

    Hi Anyone have experience of a rapid coolant leak from behind bulkhead on drivers side? Water seems to be dripping from the chassis box section as it rises for the wheel arch. I had a look in the engine bay around duovalve and all seems well. there is no sign of wet on passenger carpets and...
  9. cplnoonoo

    W203 sportcoupe underside gearbox cover leaking

    Whilst i had the car on the ramps i noticed that the black tray on the underside of the gearbox was covered in what looks like gearbox oil. I cleaned this all off and a closer look reveals that it may be leaking out from around the gasket. Is this a common fault for the gasket to go on this...
  10. P

    Just had the underside waxoyl'd

    This was recommended on my CLK55 following the service two weeks ago. I reckon the chap at the garage (local independant) did a great job, he also changed a rusty exhaust bracket that needed grinding off. He pressure washed underneath, let it dry and applied Hammerite Waxoyl Clear all under...
  11. Niks

    W124 Underside Door Lights

    I have a quiery regarding the lights underneath the doors on a 1995 W124 Saloon. I would like to change the normal bulbs in them to something more "modern" like super bright white LED lights. Is this at all possible and simple to do? :confused:
  12. supercharger

    underside view of a w124

    may sound a strange request but im looking for some pics of the underside of a w124 cabriolet. i have a project about to commense on a w124 300te. the plan is to convert to a pick up so will obviously need some strength. the under side of a cabriolet has two steel strengthening bars running from...
  13. E

    W202 underside oil leak

    Hi, Today just noticed some wet spot under the car. It's somewhere in the middle and it looks like oil. I've posted a picture cause I'm not very good at describing the problem. Appreciate if somebody could advise where the leak is coming from and is it serious. For your info, there is no...
  14. J

    Underside hit by something?

    Whilst driving on the M1 I heard and felt some object hit the underside of my car. On inspection it ripped/broke a section of the plastic guard just underneath the drivers door. These plastic guards seem to be replaceable. Are they? I'll need a pit or ramp to do a thorough check though...
  15. W

    Underside engine cover/plate

    Can anyone tell me if my E320 Estate 1994 should have an under-engine cover or plate between the chassis members. My brother-in-law has a cover underneath his 1993 300 TD. And where I might get one if necessary......... Thanks. ANY HELP APPRECIATED
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