1. C

    Scadbury Park, Chislehurst, United Kingdom Aerial footage

    In the spirit of sharing and shamelessly boosting my post count to 30 so I can buy my merc from classifily forum, here is my aerial footage of my local park ;) https://youtu.be/nblOWPqwg-U [YOUTUBE HD]https://youtu.be/nblOWPqwg-U[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. M

    2015 Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition Is For United States Only

    From the article: Limited edition, special Mercedes-Benz models with cool names like “Night” and “Star” used to be reserved only for the Far East markets. But now the company has launched the Mercedes G550 Night Star Edition in America and they are making up to 100 copies of it. 10 pictures...
  3. def90cars

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Well done to all who voted - 85% turn out!! Personally I am happy.
  4. michaelk3289

    Man City beat Man United at Old trafford

    I have waited 32 years for that result, 32 years what a magical moment!!!!!! enough said
  5. G

    Hello from the United States

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Olly, a economics student and current owner of a 1999 C230K. So far the mods are euro amber corners and Upsolute chip =) Here are some pics!
  6. bh13coupe

    Shipping a high value consignment to the United States

    Guys need some wisdom. I work for an IT firm who has a client with an office/site in Florida and several in the UK. They have aproached us to do some work in their Florida office. This will involve around £100k worth equipment (1 pallet) to be shipped from UK to Florida. My question is...
  7. christopherwk

    Advice on travelling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA

    I don't travel very often, and it's my first visit to the United States, so I thought I'd ask a few questions on here, hope they don't sound too basic or daft to those who know! A friend of mine is going on a backpacking type trip to the west coast, visiting Las Vegas, San Francisco, San...
  8. R

    OT: Manchester United

    Manchester United have set up a call Centre for fans who are troubled by their current form. The number is 0800 10 10 10. Calls charged at peak rate for overseas users. Once again the number is... 0800 won nothing won nothing won nothing.
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