1. lfckeeper

    Are Merc bonnet Emblems universal fit?

    As the title says really. Its a 'stick up' one from a W203 C class, will it fit all Mercs? (answer for selling purposes)
  2. M

    2008 C220 with Universal Media - Best Sat Nav Option?

    Hi All, Many thanks for all the interesting/useful reading on your excellent forum! I have a 2008 C220 Estate which has the Universal Media Interface (for plugging in ipod etc) in the glovebox. It does not have sat nav. What's the best option for cost effectively (as possible) adding...
  3. C

    are steering wheels universal...

    I know they aren't but what options do you have on w208 clk 320 will other models fit..just thinking ahead if I see a bargain on eBay. Cheers.
  4. Rupert44

    Tom Senior Universal Milling Machine

    Tom Senior Uni Milling machine Some tooling £Offers Number42@btinternet.com or PM me Collection only SY13 area Lots of other stuff from the garage for sale and even the HOUSE itself
  5. shshivji

    Using universal roof bars??

    Hey all! I've got a w203 c class saloon and I've been looking for a set of roof bars, I priced up a per of genuine ones from mercedes and thought the price was high for what they are. Has anyone here used a universal set of roof bars, is there a particular brand worth going for? Or should I just...
  6. W

    help to find the right tool - short universal socket

    I am struggling to undo a 10mm bolt that holds my washer bottle in place. I have line of sight of it but the head is angled maybe 30 degrees. I tried using this Sealey universal 3/8 socket adapter, but it's too deep so the joint clashes with the body structure. Does anyone know of a shorter...
  7. J

    Mercedes Universal Estate car

    Never seen one of these before: Mercedes Universal Estate car | eBay
  8. whitenemesis

    Universal Remotes

    I currently have a Logitech Harmony One. It's worked flawlessly for 3-4yrs and still does but the battery isn't holding it's charge very well (barely makes it through the day) and try as I might I cannot get the thing out! Plus some of the hard plastic keys are becoming see through! So...
  9. S

    universal sideskirts on w124 saloon

    anyone try universal sideskirts on w124?was checking out some bits tonite and found a irish company that have really nice ones and have really nice merc bodykits but not for the w124.there customtuningireland.com .have some nice stuff check them out,have emailed them to see how long the skirts are.
  10. T

    W203 Steering Column Universal Joint

    Has anyone every had to do any work on the UJ at the bottom of the steering column? Reason I ask is I have a strange "Loose" type feeling when I shake the steering wheel and it can sometime be felt when driving. More annoying than anything. I have had all the suspension components...
  11. artyman

    Universal Media Interface

    I recently upgraded this unit to Navigation 20, following reading on here about the three button dodge to get into the configuration menu to set USB and IPod volume levels, I also looked at the Navigation Menu. The options are Showroom Dead Reckoning (ticked) Freeze (ticked) Block Address...
  12. ShinyF1

    THB Bury AD 9060 Take and Talk System 8 Universal Display Adapter

    Does anyone have any experience of this piece of kit. My car has a take and talk system installed [with a now redundant old style Nokia holster], but as me as Mrs Shiny F1 have different mobiles iPhone 4 and Nokia E51 thought it might be the solution to connect both through bluetooth. It would...
  13. englishdas

    OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader

    Do these work? OBD2 Universal Diagnostic Scan Tool Auto code reader on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 07:02:24 GMT) Is it one of those things that in the wrong hands is... well, bad?
  14. mercedescl500

    2 universal Zirconia Lambda Sensors £20

    2 x 4 wire Universal Lambda 02 Sensors £20 These are the Zirconia type sensors. 1 sensor is brand new and 1 sensor has been used for approx 30 miles. I bought these sensors by mistake. Normally these sell for £20 each. Buy both for £20. Please PM if interested. Cheers:thumb::thumb: Please...
  15. D

    Has my car got Universal Handy Interface

    Does anybody know how I tell if my car has UHI? I have a 2005 c220 avantgarde, as I am thinking of getting a ViseeO Mercedes Bluetooth hands free mobile phone in car kit cradle. My car has all the telephone buttons on the stereo and steering wheel.:)
  16. Tan

    Universal remote controls

    Hi I have been thinking of bying a universal remote for a while but as my collection of boxes in the lounge grows and my wife will be at home on maternity leave I thought that I had best get on with getting one before she gets two annoyed at all the remotes. What universal remotes are...
  17. A

    National MBClub Event

    I've been on this forum for a year and a bit, and i've realised that the meets that occur are quite divided, because of the distances between some of the members geographically. In the past has there been meets where everybody came? and if so, where was it? Sorr Adam - just adding on the...
  18. B

    Universal Media interface in W024, an update

    Well it’s been a couple of months since the car arrived and it’s got nearly 8K on the clock now. The car, a 220CDI auto, I like a lot, I still can’t decide if its better to be in sport or comfort around town or not, the gear changes just seem slightly wrong either way. I love driving the car, I...
  19. 0

    Flexible Universal Radiator Hose

    Hello All, I have tried numerous website and ebay for top water hose for my 280CE. I am considering going for universal flexible water hose if even Mercedes doesn't stock them. I am wondering if anyone is or have been in my position, and what are your experience/comments about those flexible...
  20. C

    W124 30024V ECU - universal or tailored?

    I have seen this ECU for sale on Ebay. Whilst there are other things that might be causing my misfire (Ive yet to fit my 2nd hand EHA or use my new spark tester) it seems plausible that my ECU could be causing the problem. So given the one for sale is the same engine type (ill have to check...
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