1. Psilonaught

    Why is MPG so much better on 97 super unleaded?

    Unfortunately, my village garage doesn't do 97, so for the last couple of weeks i've been running on 95. I drained the tank today and filled up with 97, and then reset the MPG couter. In eco, on b roads at around 50mph the average i was getting around 31mpg. This is amazing and far higher...
  2. kvz2000

    Leaded or unleaded

    Hi, Old topic I'm sure but need confirmation , I have a 1973 W114 280e , just spoken to a previous owner that said he used lead additive , yet there are so many contrasting views out there . I was told that all post war mercedes engines had hardened valve seats so do not require any additive...
  3. ToeKnee

    Standard or Super unleaded in a M273 engine?

    In my past V8's I've always used super unleaded and altered the timing to give better power. The handbook of my current '06 SL500 states to use 95RON unleaded and I wondered whether anyone uses the super unleaded in their M273 powered cars and whether they felt it made a difference or not?
  4. SmartMAC

    I just put unleaded in my c250cdi

    I know i am an idiot. I did not put a lot, just 2.3litres before I stopped and panicked when I realised I was holding the unleaded pump. :fail After this, I put 55 litres of diesel so the tank is full to the brim. I intend to top it up now for a few days with diesel to dilute the unleaded...
  5. L

    Unleaded Petrol Query

    Earlier today I went to use a scarifier (B&S engine) It hadn't been used for almost a year. It refused to start until I drained the tank and put in fresh petrol. If you added lead replacement to unleaded petrol, would the resultant mix stay fresher longer? Unleaded petrol seems to go stale very...
  6. T

    V power vs regular unleaded in c63?

    Do you guys always use premium fuel in your c63? I've noticed the label in the car indicates that normal 95 Ron can be used but I wonder if the 99 Ron fuel actually gives any tangible benefits over regular fuel?
  7. D

    Unleaded or Super Unleaded?

    The other day I pulled into the local petrol station to fill up and found there to be a long queue for the pumps. The queue was caused by a lack of unleaded pumps being available (the others having out of order signs on them) and obviously no one wanted to pay the extra 4p or so for the super...
  8. C

    Cl 63 super unleaded

    I am looking to buy a 2008 CL63 just wondered if have to run super unleaded and whats the difference if i run on normal unleaded petrol? thanks
  9. B

    New Shell VPower Nitro + Launched

    Shell have launched another Petrol and Diesel fuel, Basic info below 1) protects cylinder walls 2) cleaner intake and injectors 3) vs the old vpower contains 25% FMT Will be giving it ago in the AMG soon as we have local stock What is Shell V-Power Nitro+? - United Kingdom
  10. Spinal

    Does Unleaded Contain Mercaptan

    A quick question... does unleaded in the UK contain mercaptan? I.e. is there a way that evaporating unleaded fuel can smell like a gas leak? M.
  11. verytalldave

    Unleaded below 130p

    Anybody still getting normal unleaded for less than 130p a litre? Yesterday evening my local Sainsburys was the last local station with it still at 129.9p. Even the other the local cheapy outlets are now at 134p-ish. Not long before the 150p litre methinks.:eek:
  12. P

    Unleaded in a diesel!

    I've just put £50.00 of unleaded in my three week old C220 Cdi Sport Auto! Iknow, Iknow....... It's now in a local dealer who has inspected it. I didn't try to start the car but had to put the ignition on in order to move out of "park" into neutral to get it on the low loader. The dealer...
  13. A

    What do you put in your C32?

    I've seen a couple of threads talking about using super vs. plain unleaded, but apart from the odd "me too" from a C32 owner, no definitive comment on whether it makes much difference. Is the ECU tuned for super or plain? Does it auto-sense? Does it a) feel better or b) get better economy from...
  14. BillyW124

    Octaine V Normal unleaded

    lads, im going to fill up tonight, is there a difference if i use high octaine as opposed to my normal? i have a miniscule 220 :doh: lol
  15. U

    C36 amg Unleaded or Super Unleaded ?? Your view !!

    C36 amg Unleaded or Super Unleaded ?? Your view !!:dk:
  16. A

    W208 Clk 320 - Fuel - Unleaded or Premium Unleaded

    Hi everyone, Just a simple question, what type of fuel is better for my W208 Clk 320, a normal unleaded or premium unleaded? Also which one gives better mpg?
  17. crankiejohn

    new shell unleaded

    has anybody had any problems using the new shell unleaded,i filled up with it last week and my car has started hunting on cold starts for about 30 seconds.it may be somthing else but i remember the other problems with shell fuel that damaged a lot of cylinder heads
  18. Horrgakx

    V8 AMG unleaded - 95 or 98?

    Is there any harm to be done by running "regular" 95?
  19. Spinal

    Leaded in an Unleaded...

    So in case you haven't caught me ranting about this for the last 6 years or so, I'm driving to Timbuktu in December. I just had a thought... the car runs on unleaded, but the fuel I'll find it most likely going to be leaded... Any advice? Should I remove the cat? My concern is that the ECU...
  20. smillion

    BP Ultimate - confusing unleaded and diesel

    Is it just me? For the second time I have tried to fill up the E55 with diesel by accidently picking the BP Ultimate Diesel pump. Fortunately the E55 cannot accept the nozzel but its a worry. I see BP Ultimate everywhere and forget that he green coloured flash advertising Ultimate applies to...
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