1. C

    Car auto locks but doesn't auto unlock

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with my 2014 W204 C63 estate. Auto door locking is switched on via the OBC in the instrument panel, car auto locks as I drive off but doesn't unlock at the end of the journey when I put it in P, apply the parking brake and switch the engine off. It worked fine...
  2. A

    Car doors won't unlock via Wireless

    The car is a W204 2014(pre revision) C180 1.6cgi So I installed a dash cam and hard wired it. It works. The doors won't unlock via the Radio, but works perfectly via IR. Oddly the doors lock via wireless and IR. The car starts and runs fine too. I guess it something to do with the dash...
  3. S

    W124 1992 passenger door unlock

    Hi guys. New to the forum and Mercedes but I hope someone could kindly help. The passenger door on my 1992 300te W124 will lock but not unlock. Its intermittent and all other doors and boot work fine. Any ideas? Cheers
  4. O

    6th seat won't unlock!!!

    Hi My ML320 6th seat will not come loose from boot floor. I can pull the strap and it feels like the mechanism is working but the seat will not lift up or move at all. Help please!
  5. G

    How do I unlock a 280SL boot?

    Its a long story but I have a 1994 280SL with a totally flat battery, which is in the boot. I inadvertently shut the boot with the only key I have, inside the boot. I have managed to wrench the boot lid up and using a magnet on a stick I have recovered the key. Is the boot lock operated by...
  6. GavinP

    2005 S211 filler cap won't unlock

    Made the mistake of locking car at garage before filler cap was closed. Now it won't unlock. Already taken the RHS interior side panel off and can see (and felt - as in "ouch") the actuator is moving back and forwards as it should when key is pressed. Seems as if the metal pin that secures the...
  7. S

    W164 Smart Key won't lock / unlock - resync ?

    2010 W164 ML350 which now won't unlock or lock using the Smart Key, other than over IR when pointed directly at the door handle. If out of line-of-sight etc using RF, nothing happens. I had a W163 before this one and there was a sequence to resync the key with the car - is there an equivalent...
  8. E

    how to unlock mobiles

    Im about to move my two daughters from orange to 3 & need to unlock there samsung phones to work with 3 sim card, has anyone used an online company that give codes out?, orange want too much £15-£20. Cheers
  9. M

    CLK 08 reg Comand Aps unlock

    Hey, I am new to the MB and this forum. Found few posts on how to unlock some features on Command Aps. But none works for me. Wodering if it's possible on 08 reg. Thanks Tom
  10. Piff

    unlock i phone 4

    A family member has been given an i phone 4 (looks new condition). The phone appears to be locked to O2. She would like to use it with her Virgin sim card What's the easiest/cheapest way to get the phone unlocked?
  11. SilverSaloon

    W124 - no central LOCK (unlock is fine), also no light left on buzzer

    hi i replaced the ignition lock on the 1994 diesel W124 estate the other week. Since then the central locking only unlocks the car, locking requires the drivers door pin to be pushed down. also the lights left on buzzer no longer works. Any ideas if there are any wiring or plugs i've...
  12. B

    Passenger Door wont lock or unlock

    Hi guys first post here and my first merc, always had pajeros but wife wanted something a little nicer Got myself an ML270 and am in love with it so far 2 days ago the passenger door stopped locking or unlocking on either key fob, the key or the button on the centre console Any ideas...
  13. G

    Tailgate won't unlock

    I recently bought a new to me Vito. I've managed to break it already :wallbash: The tailgate is stuck locked and won't open but the rest of the doors lock/unlock fine. To make matters worse I've got dog cages fitted in the back of the van so can't access the lock easily. I've managed to take...
  14. N

    2002 A160 Door (Un)Lock With Aftermarket Alarm

    I have a 2002 A160 without factory alarm and I am chasing the door (un)lock wiring colour code and location as I am about to install an after-market alarm. After a bit of research, it appears the lock & unlock signal is via the same wire using a 610 Ohm (or 630 Ohm depending on where I have...
  15. A

    Comand have unlock code?

    So I've found the ECU reset process which I'm keen to do as the previous owner of my 05' CLS500 didn't drive it much/very well and every now and again the gears hesitate for a millisecond. On the instructions it states that doing this foot to the floor accelerator ECU reset wipes the security...
  16. S

    Unlock Becker Sat Nav

    I have purchased a Becker Map Pilot from eBay but it is asking me to input a pin number but the previous owner says that he never installed a pin security number. I have searched on the web to resolve but with no joy and am desperate for a solution or an unlock pin number. Please, can anyone...
  17. didi w203

    boot unlock

    Hi..im thinking about getting another w203 coupe after mine was written off. The car I want hopefully is the c230k. .but it has the two button remote whereas mine had the three button remote. .would I be able to use a three button remote to open boot from the remote and do I need additional...
  18. ItalianTuneUp

    No power, won't unlock

    Strange thing happened yesterday: the key remote failed to unlock the car. I had to use the detachable real key from the fob to gain entry. Then the next surprise: after putting the fob in the ignition, it would not turn! Comand will not turn on, no radio etc. I took car for a long drive...
  19. C240Sport97

    Mobile Phone Unlock Codes

    I have a Sony Xperia Ray from Orange that is out of contract and I need it unlocking. Apart from calling Orange (hopeless customer service, so don't want to deal with them), what's the best/cheapest/quickest way of getting it unlocked so I can use a Vodafone SIM? Thanks.
  20. E

    free '3' mobile unlock

    No idea how long this is on for but three are now unlocking phones free of charge.... Must be the original account holder to unlock :) enjoy Dial 333 from your phone or fill out this form Device Unlock - Support - Three Have your phones IMEI number to hand. If you don't know it type *#06#
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