1. S

    unlucky or lemon ?

    Having bought a facelift c220 estate things haven't gone so well , first off the eco function disappears every time i use the car for the second time in a day ( not too bothered about that ) then falling roof tile lands on my roof denting it a chipping paint whole roof needs repair paint , and...
  2. T

    door handle led bulbs, have i just been unlucky ?

    The nearside rear door handle illumination LED died within 3-4 weeks of me taking the car. Was replaced when the car went in for some other work. The front passenger door one died a couple of months later. Isn't one of the selling points of LEDs supposed to be enhanced longevity over...
  3. Doodle

    Unlucky R107 on Heyford Hill roundabout this afternoon

    It would appear the nearside rear wheel had decided to make a bid for freedom, leaving it to continue for a good few yards on the brake disc (and quite possibly the lower body :doh:) Not a pretty sight.
  4. P

    Unlucky BMW driver

    This isnt really something to laugh about bearing in mind the victim is still in hospital in a serious condition and moreso he was a friend when we were younger. The attacker is said to be 6-8. The victim would have stood no chance as he is only little, 5-6 ''The snow giveth, and the snow...
  5. Dave Richardson

    Unlucky at 17.00

    There I was on my home from work just popped into the local supermarket and when I came out it was a non starter, cried & then telephoned "Green Flag" who reached me less than 30 mins. Quick check found diesel to the injectors but still won't go. 1st Green Flag mechanic couldn't use a spec lift...
  6. M

    Boom!! How unlucky can you get?

    Bought a 63k, fsh W168 A170cdi this morning in Yorkshire and drove it back to Carlisle. About 50 miles left and the oil warning light came on with the letters HI. Around 30 miles later the revs started limiting I think but I was only 20 miles from home. Called in at Mb Carlisle for some...
  7. jadefox

    Are green cars more unlucky....?? mine is!

    My car is 'technically' grey on the documents - it is, in reality, more of a shade of green....more than I am comfortable with after recent events! :crazy: lol I have been SO unlucky since owning the car; A day after we bought it the Turbo pipe split; black smoke pouring out the back and a...
  8. M

    This kid is either very lucky or very unlucky.

    http://www.theage.com.au/news/National/Sophie-Delezio-hit-by-car/2006/05/05/1146335916542.html http://seven.com.au/news/topstories/168649 First her day care centre was destroyed by a tip truck now she was hit by a car. This kid is remarkably strong and damn unlucky. Its beyond words ....
  9. craigyb

    Unlucky merc V8 Vs RS4

    Well my mate went upto Preston Audi on Saturday morning in his nice shiney red RS4, souped upto 425BHP, yarda yarda yarda.... On his way there he encountered what he thinks was a Merecedes V8 supercar, whilst travelling at 120mph+ down a dual carriage way with the V8 caning him, he decided...
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