1. markjay

    Unregistered foreign cars

  2. The _Don

    New unregistered dr520 for sale

    The dealer will not move a penny on the price and will not take a part ex !! Auto Trader UK - MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS BRAND NEW C63 AMG DR520 SALOON SPECIAL EDITION
  3. B

    Is anyone looking for a brand new unregistered C63 AMG?

    Unfortunatley a project at work that would have generated substantial income has faltered. It may still go ahead but I need to protect my own personal situation and the first thing that needs to happen is for me to cancel my C63 order. Before I do this is there anyone on here that is in the...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Unregistered Mk1 Golf GTi chassis!

    Imaging owning a 59 reg Mk1 with zero on the clock! :bannana: HERE
  5. yachtman

    AUDI?? dealer? tows breakdown vehicle with new unregistered vehicle

    I was leaving the M6 this evening @ j13 having been following a slow beaver tail brake down vehicle. when I got in front,it was being towed, by the vehicle below!!! note the black webbing strap hooked to the o/s tow eye, & towed vehicle in the lower mirror. "Oh yes sir we have done those...
  6. C240Sport97

    Cheap new unregistered E500s

    Was surfing the net last night and came across about 9 E500 saloons (all with really good spec) and 1 E500 estate. All in the Approved Used Car Locator for Mercedes Chelsea. As I was around that area today, I popped in ... It turns out: 1. the cars are unregistered. 2. they are...
  7. alanuk400

    1983 Mercedes 280 SE Unregistered.

    http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/classic-car-page.php/carno/48455 Alan
  8. Barryh

    Unregistered SLK good or bad buy

    Hi guys back after a long time off line.Nice to be back and seeinghow helpful this site is,information is much appreciated I saw on autotrader tonight a new SLK 280 fully loaded & unregistered from an import company called GT cars.Car cost £33950,with I think every extra.Are these cars good...
  9. glojo

    Unregistered RHD CLK GTR for sale!!

    Hopefully this link will work and PLEASE feel free to post ANY make, brand of car on this thread. We are all entitled to dream, and apart from the Bentley estate, or in fact maybe even before the Bentley I would go for this: What are the thoughts on depreciation? Regards, John the dreamer
  10. Aletank


    Spotted this over on the Talk Audio forum ;) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=29755&item=4551166464&rd=1
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