1. T

    S211 boot release unresponsive

    Just got a 2007 S211 E320 and I'm finding the boot release is very u responsive on key fob, have to press it a dozen times before it works, car locks and unlocks fine 1st time everytime so not sure it wod be battery, anyone have any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks
  2. lisa110rry

    Unresponsive script and Firefox plug ins

    I can't work out why this website freezes repeatedly while viewing this site and this site only. I get a dialog box entitled "unresponsive script" and the usual continue, stop script, etc options. I have to go into task manager and delete a programme called "plug in container for Firefox". This...
  3. P

    Vito 112 unresponsive throttle?

    Hello fellow Vito people. I wonder if anyone has come across this 1 before? when i start the vehicle, cold, warm or hot it starts great but for the first 10 seconds or so the throttle is unresponsive, ypu can press it but Nothing happens? Then the engine revs pick up a couple or hundred revs and...
  4. S

    NTG 2.5 Freezes / dropping calls / unresponsive

    Hi, looking for advice on how to proceed, or who / how to contact Mercedes .. I have been having problems with the Comand unit dropping Bluetooth calls, and locking up so that it will not play music from CD, DVD, SD card, Music Register - but the radio works. Switching the ignition off/on...
  5. DSM10000

    Backspace unresponsive on this site!

    I am finding that when I wish to go back a page on this website using either the backspace key or the back arrow that the website is rather unresponsive and takes a number of key presses to respond. I have tried this on other websites but it is only apparent here. Any clues?:confused:
  6. Y

    Unresponsive accelerator

    Hi. I recently bought a CLS 500 - 6 months old with c. 7,000 miles on the clock. I love the car except that I find the accelerator rather unresponsive and a little sticky. Is this typical with this car or is it perhaps a problem with my particular car? Thanks in anticipation of any...
  7. G

    Throttle pedal unresponsive on 190E (Manual)

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I've recently become a 1990 Mercedes 190E (2.0 Manual) owner. I think I've got a problem with the throttle pedal. When I depress it the revs hardly rise until it's about 4cm down. After that it revs quite suddenly and strongly. Also, when I'm driving and come...
  8. M

    Unresponsive E270Cdi - Solved

    Some of you may remember about this time last year I posted about an E270Cdi that was about as smooth and responsive as a tractor. We've solved the problem - well, found the cause anyhow. Mercedes, in their infinite wisdom, appear to have fitted an "intelligent" "adaptive" drivetrain, that...
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