1. V

    Upcoming MOT & service...

    My 2013 C220 has got its first MOT due, plus a 30,000 mile service around the same time. I think the service is the A service (is this the cheaper of the two?). Anyone know which I should book first and how much I should be expecting to pay? Or should I book them both at the same time...
  2. esox

    Upcoming TV?

    Hi there, I very rarely watch TV fillums , i don`t watch TV that much.. There`s one or two i`d like to see again if they ever come up - i like the films but not so much that i`d buy the DVD! Are there any add-ons / software available to install on a `pooter or TV listing sites that will flag...
  3. dave g wagon

    upcoming events

    How can I find where the up and coming events are this year
  4. C

    Upcoming Map Pilot update (improved safety cameras)

    Hi guys, I am using the Becker Map Pilot one year and some months ago I purchased the danger spot function. My feeling about how danger spot function works is really bad. The warning level is weak (similar to the phone noise when we receive an e-mail), do not give sign if overspeed, do...
  5. John

    MOT Test Changes From 1st Jan 2012

    Exhaust CATS and upcoming MOT changes... As we approach the revised MOT I think 01/2012, is there any more knowledge about the CAT situation (specifically regarding those with multiple CATS and 1 or more having been removed) i.e.: "No, your car still has a CAT fitted, regardless of how many...
  6. Gucci

    Upcoming sale: Mercedes-Benz ML350 Inspiration

    Alas, time is here to move on from the beast. After 3 years of happy ownership, I'm nearly ready to sell. Just awaiting paperwork after my private plate switchover. Once ready (and tidying up little annoyances like replacing c pillars) I shall be putting up for sale to everyone. However, I'm...
  7. 4

    upcoming events

    :thumb:hi all, just registered as a new member, are there any events or autoparts sales through the club? 4doormere
  8. MBManInKen

    Upcoming trip across the channel

    On Friday morning, we're leaving for a trip to Belgium and France. Go and see some friends and family, then off to the Loire for a much needed holiday - seeing castles, relaxing in the country side and nice meals with a glass of Chablis in the evening :rolleyes:. Will have some withdrawal...
  9. scotth_uk

    Upcoming Top Gear - Fast Estates?

    Found this over at the Ringers forum: We have just replaced the gearbox in an E63 Estate (within a morning) for a certain Mr J Clarkson (Orders from Milton Keynes). Seems there was talk of Manchester Airport and a number of other high powered estate cars the other night...
  10. V

    Upcoming Classic Car auction at BCA Blackbushe

    Here's a link to the upcoming BCA Classic Car auction at Blackbushe......for those who have never been before its an interesting afternoon out. http://www.british-car-auctions.co.uk/main.asp?page=3214
  11. pammy

    Constantine and upcoming movies

    WOW!! Buffy with attitude and special effects to die for. Not for the faint hearted though :rock: :bannana: Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weiz form the typical two-some battling against evil - but it's a tale with a twist and well worth seeing. The effects are awesome - lots of Matrix...
  12. GrahamC230K

    Upcoming Events & the Public Calendar

    All, I have enabled a feature so you will now see upcoming events at the bottom of the main page, below where the birthdays etc are. I think this is usefull, so just pointing it out so it doesn't get overlooked. Of course, to make this work, if you are advertising or organising an event...
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