1. D

    Audio 20 not showing updated iphone playlists

    I spent some time changing my iPhone playlists last night, but when I jumped in the car this morning Audio 20 decided that it rather liked my old playlists and only shows those. I figure that Audio 20 is caching the data from my phone so it doesn't have to re-read it whenever I get in the car...
  2. Gaz-M

    Vito 120 Boost pipe leak- Merc updated part available!?

    I have recently bought a Vito 120 V6 CDI and its leaking boost from the pipe that exits the turbo where it connects to the black plastic chamber. It keeps separating itself allowing leak. Mercedes have sent me diagram of parts and it would appear the pipe is revised and now has clamps? Has...
  3. B

    Updated model on the drive (W205)

    So my w204 220d Amg sport plus has gone back to the mercedes garage and I have driven out with a new W205. To keep things affordable for a couple of years (before a c450 or c63) I have opted for a C220d. So to the option list: Obsidian black Black leather interior AMG line Premium Plus Driving...
  4. fabes

    Updated Command Sat Nav disc

    Hi, evening I have seen a 2013/14 (genuine they say) Command disc on Ebay but its TomTom maps, not the Tele Atlas one I have on my 2009 DVD disc Packaging states its good for a 2009 CLK - did MB change maps and do they remain compatible? Advice appreciated - thanks Fabes
  5. M

    C63 updated exhaust/headers.

    Please let me know . Cheers.
  6. N

    Firefox: Updated & have lost tab close button on end.

    Updated to the latest version of FF the other day & my preference for a tab close button on the RH end has vanished, leaving me with a close button on every tab. Did the about:config > browser.tabs.closeButtons > 3 thing & no change. Actually it was already (still?) on 3. Anyone know how to...
  7. MarkyMark

    Best place to get updated Sat Nav Maps/Discs?

    Can anyone recommend a place to get updated Map software for the Sat Navs? Also advice on what I need to be looking for? Thanks Mark
  8. AbbieCadabra

    has the E Class been updated within the last few months?

    sorry if this has already been discussed, i did search on E Class but i couldn't find anything specific (but then i am female, so i could well have missed it! :o). i've been looking at a nearly new E250CGI, first registered last July. I've just compared it to a brand new one to see the price...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    2013 SL Class - Press Release

    The all-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Press Release Lightweight, athletic, luxurious MONTVALE, NJ - The all-new 2013 SL continues a tradition that began 60 years ago. For six decades the letters "SL" have been synonymous with a blend of sport, style and comfort - infused with groundbreaking...
  10. Shude

    CLK55: One year of ownership [updated]

    It's now been just over a year since I bought my CLK55 so I thought I'd sum up all the numbers! If you are considering owning a V8 these details might help you work out what the costs will be like. Fuel (totals and averages where appropriate) Litres PPL Total Distance 3506.78 135.7 4786.13...
  11. Mobb

    CLK55 Updated Photos

    Though Id add some photos before the changes go ahead. If these have come out a bit small, just go to my album in my profile.. :) Thanks for looking. :thumb:
  12. The Boss

    help with a w124 part which has been updated, but does not match!!

    hello A part for my car has been updated by a new part number, and the new part does not seem to match the previous.. :dk: any advise / help appreciated original part = a1246906430 new updated part = a1246909030
  13. KwickWilly

    Tales of Woe (Updated)

    For those of you that see my original thread entitled “Tales of Woe” and would like an update, well here it is. The main problem you may recall is with the 7G gearbox and problems with the shifting. The car went back to the supplying dealer on Saturday 21st for further investigations and was...
  14. mercmanuk

    2003 w203 avantgarde se 43k 1 owner updated advert

    Mercedes w203 c class saloon 180k Avant-garde se December 2003 53 plate I owner driver from new myself 43000 mile 11 months mot 6 months tax Last mot had 4 kuhmo tyres,2 mercedes front springs fitted by 124 works Never had any paintwork,no rust at all anywere on the vehicle A few light...
  15. B

    Any firm dates on arrival of updated C63?

    Has anyone got any hard evidence of when the facelifted C63 will hit the UK next year?
  16. C

    1961 190SL on Pistonheads

    Don't know if it has been posted before, but there is an interesing car in a thread on Pistonheads: "It's a 1961 190SL called "Mercedes-Bent", and it's got all the undercrackers of a 2004 SL600 Bi-Turbo in it ....tuned by Renntech. It won Best of Show at SEMA in the States this year."...
  17. R

    The Complete M271 Engine thread. ( Revised and Updated )

    The Complete M271 Engine thread. ( Revised and Updated ) People are forever asking about how to mod their M271 C180 Kompressor so I thought some work was required to help guide us all! Hope this helps someone. The Complete M271 Engine thread. As you know a number of people regularly...
  18. trando

    Updated C55 pics

    Just posted some up-to-date pics in Members Albums for those that are interested... I think that the pink furry dice and zebra hide seats really finish it off nicely (only kidding!)
  19. R

    updated disc for 2002 w163 comand

    hi all, quick question. as the title says i'm looking to update the nav cd in my 2002 ml320. anyone know of the most up to date disc i can use for that year? thanks for any advice ;) ray.
  20. rlowy

    Updated Comand

    Had my car in for its 60,000 mile service today and attention to a rattle in the panoramic roof, MB Tonbridge asked for two days with a loan car. The loan was a brand new E320 CDi with 600 miles on the clock and fitted with the latest Comand. The Comand is a big improvement on the old system...
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