1. R

    Updating stereo in 05 w211

    Hi MB lovers. I have a 05 E270 avantgarde estate with standard radio/cd player. I was looking at updating this as I want all mod coms with sat nav, hands free calls, blue tooth e.t.c e.t.c. However I'mon a tight budget of £500 total so was looking at this cheap chinese ebay one... Android...
  2. thebook

    Slight issues updating maps NTG4

    Hi all, I have a slight problem updating the maps on my NTG4 unit. The first disc has ended and the display says to insert disc 2, however I cannot eject disc 1 and all the bays are full. How do I get the disc out? Thanks in advance!
  3. J

    C220 2014 Estate - COMAND Sat nav map updating

    Evening folks. I've got a 2014 C220 Estate (June). I called the main dealer yesterday about upgrading the COMAND Sat nav maps and got quoted £100 which seems a bit excessive to say the least considering the price of Sat navs now. Anyone have any more cost effective solutions? Much obliged for...
  4. R

    updating the software?

    We recently bought a used GLA220 and also an A180. I note that the software on the A180 (being the newer car of the two) also has newer software installed that is far better to use. Just wondering is it possible to get the software in the GLA updated ? is it something MB would do? thanks
  5. B

    Up-dating Sat Nav. S Class 320cdi.

    Hi my sat Nav is all over the place, Mercedes said it needed to go on the computer in the workshop for about 3 hours and would cost around £100+vat. There is a Navigation disc in the boot be side the CD changer magazine, and ideas? I thought I could just up-date the disc;I have seen some...
  6. A

    Updating Command System

    Whats the best way to update Command NTG 4.5. Think my maps need updating Also the DAB radio keeps coming up with Device Unavailable... is this because it needs updating?
  7. Londonscottish

    Updating maps in COMMAND NTG 2.5

    Am I right that I need to go to a stealer and hand over £100? Any other way?
  8. T

    What should screen show when updating maps ntg1

    I've tried updating to latest maps on a s211 ntg1, I put disc in boot and screen displayed a twirling thing in middle and said please wait, nothing else happened, should it be saying that its updating, not sure if I should wait longer or if disc is no good, waited about 10 to 15mins
  9. R

    Updating Maps on NTG4 stops at 94percent

    Hi Guys, I have a C-class 57 Reg CDI W204 I tried updating my maps, I have bought a copy of the 2016 map updates (the latest one that's out), I had Maps from 2007 already in the car when I bought it and thought I should now update it as I see myself always traveling across the country...
  10. M

    Updating Telematics

    Im going to be crossing Europe next year in the car so I want the most up to date maps. Unfortunately my car doesnt have the most up to date version of the Telematics software. Ive read its an easy fix just take the car to a dealer and they can plug in and do it. The issue Im having is that...
  11. T

    Updating satnav

    Hi. I recently acquired a lovely 2011 CLS with Comand Sat Nav. Is there any way to update the Sat Nav maps without paying a main dealer? Also what would a main dealer charge? Thanks.
  12. seandynan

    5-digit postcodes solved by updating maps?

    Hi all I have just bought a 2010 W204 C-Class and its COMAND only understands 5-digit postcodes. Would updating to the latest maps solve this or does it also need a separate firmware update? And if it needs a firmware update, how do I do it? Thanks.
  13. V

    NTG2.5 retrofitted, problem updating

    Hi all, I retrofitted NTG2.5 recently to my 2007 w203 and everything is working fine. I took the car to MB Tech in Warrington to get the unit updated as its on the oldest firmware revision, and recode the unit for AUX rather than UCI. Unfortunately MB Tech were not able to do it as they...
  14. lordlee

    Updating the SL

    Anyone on here updated the rear lights and 3rd brake light on their SL? I am thinking of putting the 2007 rear lights on and maybe the clear/grey 3rd brake light. Like these... I've read about whats involved and it looks like an OK job but just wondered if anyone on here had done it...
  15. lordlee

    Updating the key - 02 SL500

    I currently have this key - But it looks a little scratched and I was wondering if it could be easily changed to this style one? Any help or advice is appreciated.
  16. kristianbrownn

    Updating my comand system

    Can anyone tell me where I can get my system updated except for main dealer as I don't want to pay there prices.
  17. baxlin

    Updating (upgrading?) iPhone 4s problems

    Against my better judgment I was persuaded to install ISO 7 or whatever the upgrade is called onto my 4s. I also bought more storage. Now the thing needs charging every five minutes! For instance, 100% charged last night about 11pm, this morning down to 3%, with no usage during the night...
  18. zenman63

    Updating Vito , Viano uhi to comfort phone

    Having taken the good advice from Richard and Alfie, I have swapped the factory fitted phone mount to the latest type comport phone. All good so far, it charges now but I need to return for coding as its not able to connect.
  19. C

    Updating W204 NTG4 SAT NAV

    Hi Guys, I am new to the Mercedes world and thoroughly enjoying my recently purchased 2008 W204 220 CDi Sport having come from the world of a Jaguar XF. My first question on this great forum is about updating the Navigation software on my NTG4 Comand unit. I believe the existing software is...
  20. Colin_b

    Is it worth updating comand?

    My 2007 W204 has Comand. It is obviously out of date, it only does 5 character postcodes, and that not very well. It doesn't have my 11 year old house in it. So, is it worth updating, will an update give 7 digit postcodes and up to date maps? If so, is it something I could do? I've heard that...
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