1. M

    Aftermarket comand upgrade

    Looking around on eBay there seem to be loads of Android based SatNav/DAB/Bluetooth etc units to replace the factory fitted Comand system. Does anyone have any experience of these? Any recommendations?
  2. johnlewis1964

    W204 Audio upgrade.

    Hi folks new guy again what is a good all round stereo upgrade for my car many thanks.
  3. C

    A-Class W176 Instant Sports Grill upgrade!

    I am in to car modifcations and didn't think it was worth paying the extra for the Sports Grill but really liked the look so I bought these Chrome Stickers which have a domed effect to stick on each of the 256 dots! Sticking the first couple were a bit tricky but got a lot easier and quicker as...
  4. A

    W211 2008 command amp upgrade

    Hi folks Just bought a nice E320 Cdi 2008 model with command but not HK. I'd like to keep the factory headunit for now at least and add an amp and aftermarket speakers and subwoofer. Can anyone advise If the command is powering the standard speakers or if there's an amp in the boot I...
  5. R

    W204 2013 headlight upgrade to xenon

    Hi guys, deciding to upgrade my headlights from the normal halogen lights to the xenon headlamps. Checked online and I'm surprised I couldn't find anyone actually talking about this. Any help will be grateful, I will also post pictures along the upgrade Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  6. A

    w219 Brake Upgrade...?

    Hi All Are there any decent disc & pad upgrades available for a W219 350 CDi? I had all discs and pads replaced last year and the pads now need replacing again. I average about 40k a year so want some stoppers that can handle a lot of motorway and A road use. I've seen some Black Diamond and...
  7. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake pad upgrade & Brake Lines

    I've been advised to put stainless brake lines and better pads on my E55 - any recommendations?
  8. OCD BAL

    Upgrade wheels on ML63 AMG

    Has anyone had experience of changing the stock 20 inch AMG 5 spoke alloys to anything bigger? Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. OCD BAL

    ML63 AMG (W164) performance upgrade

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend an ECU upgrade for my 2007 ML63 AMG? The car is currently standard and all I've done so far is replaced the resonators with straight pipes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. S

    Intercooler upgrade Vito w639

    Has any one upgraded the intercooler on a vito? Is there anything to be had in terms of performance and/or reliability? Spent a long time searching this but couldn't come up with any kind of answer Currently got a Vito w639 109cdi remapped to 168hp and planning to put some kind of high...
  11. A

    Upgrade To 2008 Mercedes C200 Display

    Hi there, I have recently got a Merc and I wanted to look in to upgrading the display so I can get sat nav & watch DVD’s etc. Do you know where I can buy the equipment to upgrade my 2008 Mercedes C200. It already has the basic small display under the lift up flap & do you think I will need to...
  12. T

    Head unit upgrade

    Hi , Looking for a new head unit , Alpine style would be a perfect fit but at 1800 a lot of money. Anyone fitted an android unit ? They are under 400 for latest andriod version. Or just go Sony ,Pioneer etc ?
  13. 4

    W211 - upgrade to 7 digit postcode

    I think I know the answer, but can I update the Navigation function on COMAND in my 2006 (pre-facelift) from the useless 5 digit postcode limitation to accept 7 digit postcodes by upgrading the firmware? As I understand it I have NTG 1 but need NTG 2.5, but this is something that will require...
  14. Davycc

    COMAND 2.0 upgrade

    Hi all, So I upgraded my 2001 W203 from the Audio 10 system to a COMAND 2.0. I used the adaptor below and also added an AUX cable. All is working on the unit but I have a couple of issues: 1 not sure if its worth buying antennae and DX disc for SATNAV - worth it? 2 volume won't work from...
  15. L

    DAB & Speaker Upgrade S212

    Picked up my (new to me) 2010 S212 350 in January. The car has nearly everything apart from DAB and HK. Has anyone upgraded to DAB or done a speaker upgrade? Any input appreciated.
  16. AndrewOl

    GL420 Brabus Upgrade

    Hi, just bought a 2006 GL. Requested the service history which shows Brabus MBQ16473800 performance kit being installed in 2010 by MB. Is there any way that I can confirm this upgrade is actually installed or is it purely an ecu code upgrade? Would anything show up on a odb2 scanner or would it...
  17. T

    Brake upgrade question

    Afternoon All, After having modified my S211 E270CDI standard brakes, to E55 spec, all round, I would like to do the same onto a 2015 e350 CDI. Can anyone confirm if the hub carriers will accept the w211 E55 callipers, with not too much modifications? Are the Brembo callipers on the...
  18. G

    R230 audio upgrade and steering wheel controls

    Hi everyone I'm scratching my head a bit whilst installing a Pioneer Appradio (so I can use Apple Carplay) in a 2003 SL500. The original radio is (I think) an Audio 30. There looks to be D2B fibre optic in there but the radio had two standard ISO connectors so after wiring up the...
  19. P

    W208 Face-lift Upgrade

    Hello, I am in the process of adding face-lift skirts and mirrors to my pre face-lift W208 CLK and was wondering if this has bene done by someone on here before. I have a question regarding the fitting of the sill covers on each side of the car. The post face-lift car that I removed the...
  20. F

    Software upgrade

    I've been offered a free software upgrade, before I get in touch with the dealer, has anyone knowledge of this latest upgrade.
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