1. Gbrowncls55

    Best 55k upgraded Heat exchanger

    I am just about to start some cooling upgrades prior to a modest pulley and remap on the cls55 I have the Bosche 10 pump to replace the original as that seems to be the most reliable upgrade, but which upgraded intercooler heat exchanger is best / most effective at bringing down AITs. I want...
  2. uumode

    W205 C Class Burmester upgraded and blogged

    Interesting article for those who find their Burmester in their C class slightly lacking. https://w205audio.wordpress.com/
  3. Mrhanky

    M113K idler pulley set - upgraded

    I have a spare idler pulley set for the M113K engine. The s/c idler pulley is subjected to significant sideways force and this leads to wear on both the bearing and internal wall of the pulley. Often when you come to replace the bearing a perfect fit can no longer be achieved as the internal...
  4. M

    Mercedes 202 upgraded speakers

    Hi any one got any upgraded speakers for a 202 and most fit in original speaker location
  5. ash59fifty-uk

    Time i upgraded my TV...

    So, I'm on the lookout for a new telly. Not up to date with TV's of late, this old 40" Samsung HD has seen better days but it's been reliable as it's also my PC monitor, and I do Graphic design as a sideline I'm after something somewhat fancy, preferably that links to the Internet either by...
  6. Venomous

    Recently Upgraded COMAND 4.5 NTG - no slow to start

    Following a recent upgrade by MB Derby, my COMAND unit now exhibits the following behaviours: - Slow to start - up to 3 mins before getting the COMAND start up screen - Intermittent reboot - No start up at all without stopping and switching engine off / on again Anyone seen this before...
  7. E

    Upgraded auxiliary coolin fan

    Hi All, could do with as much help/information as possible on this subject. I have put it on before but not much came back. Have just bought a ML 300cdi blue efficiency [W164] with a view to use for towing my caravan, I have found out that it could need the upgraded cooling fan as the one...
  8. B

    Upgraded Blackberry 10 software stopping bluetooth reading of sms

    Had this problem over the last few days. Audio 20 says new sms but when you click on it it says no text messages. Anyone else had this or found a solution (and don't say get rid of the blackberry)
  9. BTB 500

    Anybody upgraded from Sony PS3 to PS4?

    If so, any comments/observations? Gaming basically looks good (apart from there not being that many titles yet), but everything else seems to be a step backwards compared to the PS3? E.g. can't connect to your PC or stream media, can't play media via USB or connect external drives, can't...
  10. Stratman

    Anyone upgraded to Windows 8.1?

    I did today and now cannot connect to the Windows App Store. I get a message to the effect:- "We weren't able to connect to the store. This might have happened because of a server problem or the network may have timed out. Try again later." The message appears after about one second, so...
  11. Andy67

    upgraded from mondeo to clk 270 cdi

    Hello to ever one. Just got my new clk this week woooooo what a car best looking car ever.so impressed she goes like a rockit. Got this car private 88000 on clock & all stamped up. It took me 3hrs to clean it . normaly its a 15 minit job, And i didnt even get to the engine. :doh:
  12. DrEv1l

    c32 transmission rebuild - any upgraded parts recommended or mods?

    Hi everyone, Following months of denial and attempted workarounds it is clear that the glycol contamination in my gearbox means it needs a refurbish. I have tried all of the suggested fixes for the transmission jerk including the ttc solenoid and valve body clean but it is still jerking in...
  13. diandave

    Upgraded seats, airbag problem.

    Fitted better seats in C220 CDi (W204) getting message on dash: FL/FR malfunction, visit workshop and the airbag light is flashing, all electrics connected, any ideas?.....:confused:
  14. jaymanek

    Upgraded to Win 7, How to delete XP?

    Ive upgraded to Win 7 and now everytime I start the PC it asks which windows to use, XP or Win7. I basically want to get rid of XP and any files I had on the system with it.... I want to start fresh with 7. All the posts on the internet suggest I can do this with Disk Cleanup on windows 7...
  15. Abdul

    Kicker Resolution R6 components with upgraded silk tweeters

    As above, I've had these for a while. Amazing speakers that get seriously seriously loud with good sq. They pound out the midbass compared to most of the crap you get these days. These are from the good old Kicker MADE IN USA days and cost circa £300 when new. These will definitely fit a...
  16. Aerialmark

    Upgraded headlights for w210

    Mercedes E-Classe W210 Headlights w/Motor lamps 95-01 | eBay? Hi I saw these for sale to day on ebay and was thinking of buying a pair for my 2001 E320. Does anybody know if they will work ok or has anybody had dealings with the German firm that supplies them.The lights on my car are pretty...
  17. M

    Can an R170 SLK be upgraded to drive like an MX5?

    OK - I know the real answer to this is "go and test drive one." ;) But please bear with me. I'm interested in owner's thoughts on the R170 SLK for enthusiastic driving. Weekends, B-roads, etc - not the daily commute, motorway cruise or posing on the riviera. I'm drawn to the old SLK, and I've...
  18. swithin

    Upgraded from R129 SL320 to R129 SL500

    I am now the proud owner of a 1999 R129 SL500 which although a bit pricey in this market (£12k) is in my mind perfect. 31k genuine miles since new with interior and exterior in pristine condition. Although this post will receive some groans, it has also had an lpg tank fitted in the spare...
  19. 6pot

    New upgraded H7 bulbs

    Mercedes approved for most models with H7 as standard fitment please contact your local dealer:thumb: part number for a pair is a0009980007 80% more light which equates to 30% more road surface illumination. I will be testing a set next week so will post so before and after pics on my w124...
  20. S

    W212 E350 CDI engine upgraded (already)

    My E350 CDI W212 Estate is only a couple of months old and it seems MB has already tweaked the engine for new orders (175kW to 195kW, 540Nm to 620Nm, 191g/km to 170g/km). Is this an ECU only update? I am not a long-time Benz owner; if it is an ECU upgrade, do the dealers offer an in-warranty...
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