1. J

    Upgrading SL500 Facelift stereo

    Hi all - I have a 2008 SL500 Facelift and the stereo is still in 2008 and looking a bit dated / functionality limited. I'd like to upgrade it to a new double DIN unit with bluetooth so I can play music from my iPhone, but retain all the steering wheel functions and dash displays for nav, CD...
  2. kusanku

    upgrading A-class stereo

    My wife has a 2010 Mercedes A-class on which the stereo is giving up: the CD player has stopped working, and Bluetooth does not appear to have worked for some time. Rather than getting this fixed, as the stereo is quite old and basic, I would rather upgrade it. Does anybody know what the options...
  3. R

    Thinking of upgrading to Android 6.0 head unit

    I'm thinking of upgrading my command 20 head unit to an Android head unit. I'd like the 'best' unit out there. I really want as little lag as possible and good bluetooth calling and audio streaming. I want it to look as OEM as possible right down to the buttons and illumination if possible...
  4. Max Shine

    Upgrading Xenons

    How much better are these Philips Xenon X-treme Vision D1S bulbs over the standard? Anyone upgraded their Xenon bulbs? https://www.powerbulbs.com/product/xenon-x-tremevision-d1s-85415-single
  5. redf00t

    Upgrading In Car Technology on older models.

    Hi all, Been lurking in the forum for a while now reading and learning. Currently my daily is a W204 (Merv), leased as I was doing big miles in 2014. When I leased Merv, I had all the bell bells and whistles added. Comand etc, and have been really happy with the tech. Merv goes back to Merc...
  6. S

    Upgrading the rear speakers on a CLC 350 2002

    I'm thinking of upgrading the rear speakers in my Merc CLC 350 2008 since they sound worse than the front speakers. Can i fit any speakers with the same size or is there some things that has to be matched with the stereo? I have never done any stereo builds before, however it does not feel to...
  7. Frogtastic

    Upgrading to Electric Folding Mirrors

    Hi, I've seen afew thread discussing this but non with full details of whether this is a plug and play sort of upgrade assuming genuine parts are used. Ive seen afew parts dealers with the wing mirrors and electric control block but wonder how much further would I need to go? Does anyone...
  8. N

    What are my options for media upgrading

    i have recently purchased a E250 Cdi coupe sport 2012 with what looks like the Audio 20 media option. im a little let down that this does not give me the option to connect either a USB, iPod, telephone or SD card in order to play music. I would also like to add some sort of sat nav providing...
  9. L

    Hello Upgrading from E92 BMW to E350 coupe

    Hello I work in the construction/Engineering Industry I'm in the market for a E350 Coupe from 2011 onwards. My mileage is around 30k a year at the moment and I need something comfortable and economical. It has proven quite difficult working out models and specs because Parkers and Autotrader...
  10. R

    CLK 500 Upgrading Suspension

    Hi Guys, looking for some advice if anyone could maybe help :) I'm looking at changing my suspension on my 2003 CLK 500, old shocks are no good no more and I would like to lower the car at the same time. But the question is what should I get? Do I go for Bilstein Coilover Kit or some Bilstein...
  11. ash59fifty-uk

    Upgrading alloys - Opinions

    For a while I've wanted the alloys from the facelift W204 sport (second photo) but recently I've become attracted to the other alloys I sometimes see on other W204's, not sure which W204 or other model they came fitted on from factory... They are in the first photo, split rim with the insides...
  12. 1

    S202 speaker upgrading recommedations

    As title really, i have noticed they are very shallow type speakers in the front as had the cover off. not checked rears. not looking for blow the doors off sound just these are a little tired from what my ears tell me.. would to just straight switch if possible. cheers Dan
  13. B

    Upgrading to DAB

    Currently have an Alpine unit with CD Changer in R129 and a similar Clarion set up in the W201 (although do have the original Becker Mexico). Wondered whether its worth: 1/ Upgrading to DAB? 2/ Any issues with aerials 3/ Any recommendations on units? need something that fits in with old...
  14. ian6

    Upgrading to comand

    Can anybody offer any information about upgrading to the satnav command unit. Will a unit out of a clk replace the standard radio unit in my clc 180 k, I have managed to locate a unit at a Mercedes breakers in full working order, however, there seems to be an extra unit to be fitted in the boot...
  15. C

    Upgrading to latest Comand Online

    Dear all, own a 2010 prefacelift c63, 5 digit postcode entry, cannot download address book etc from iphone version of Comand. Want to upgrade to the latest version? Comand online? Is this possible? Will mercedes do this as car still has 2 years of warranty.
  16. P

    upgrading xenon bulbs

    I find the standard hid bulbs on the w211 really poor How easy is it to upgrade them to get a decent amount of light Thanks
  17. A

    Upgrading to bi-xenon

    I'm considering upgrading my W203 C180K to bi-xenons, from what I've read so far I need to install new headlamp units and have them coded for xenons. Also I've read I need to fix sensors such as ones on the rear axle for the auto leveling. I wonder if anyone could shed some more, excuse the...
  18. L

    E550 2011: Upgrading COMAND NTG4.0 to NTG4.5

    Hi, I have a Canadian E550 2011 (W212) with COMAND NTG4.0 and Factory Rear view cam. I was wondering if I can upgrade my NTG4.0 COMAND to NTG4.5, or NTG4.7 (3rd Gen 4.5). If so, is it a plug&play install? Meaning can I just purchase an NTG4.5 from eBay and install it in lieu of the 4.0? If...
  19. R

    Upgrading R129 sound system - advice needed

    Summer will soon be upon us (with some luck) and I want to get some more sound out of the SL. I understand that the system currently runs at 1 ohm and the wiring loom goes from the head unit > factory amp > door speakers. I don't want a subwoofer in the boot and was hoping to upgrade the...
  20. N

    Upgrading NTG2 v4 software/firmware to V16

    Hello all I have just got a new (well, used) R-class R320 CDI (W251). It has v4 of the navigation maps/software so I purchased a version 16 2014/15 genuine MB update disc. However when I insert it and it asks if I want to upgrade the firmware/software, it fails after a few minutes, with...
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