1. V

    Artico/Dinamica wear & tear...

    I've had my 2013 C-Class with the Artico/Dinamica seats for about 5 weeks now. Just general use - 5 days commuting to and from work (60 mins per day combined) plus general farting about at the weekends - I've done about 1600 miles in 5 weeks. About 3 weeks ago I noted a small tear on the...
  2. A

    Mercedes trim / upholstery / hood

    I'd be very interested for any help, advice or experience that anyone can share of having a partial or complete re-trim. I have a 124 E320 Cab that needs a hood, headlining and leather. Whilst cost is of course an issue, the most important requirement is that the job is as faithful to the...
  3. Ditch


    My C220 has Artico Man Made Leather upholstery. I'm presuming this stuff originated on a chemical site and not from a cow ? What are decent products to clean it with ? Thans
  4. smoothrider

    W126 upholstery original?

    Is the blue piping MB original on this leather? Mercedes 300SE W126 / 40,000 MILES FROM NEW For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C708572]
  5. W

    How easy is it to change the seats / upholstery in a C Class?

    Hi guys I need some help deciding between two cars with the interior being the main difference as far as my knowledge goes: 2011 C Class 2.1 C250 AMG Sport 2012 C Class C220 AMG Sport PLUS The sport plus comes with: - Beefed up alloys (not something I care too much for) - A far superior...
  6. H

    wanted W124 7 seater upholstery

    Hi, Sorry, was in the wrong forum. I´m still searching for the upolstery in colour creme/mushroom for the W124 estates. Leather or cloth. I´m looking forward for offers. Kind regards, Tim
  7. H

    [S] 7 seater upholstery W124 estate

    Hi, I´m still searching for the upolstery in colour creme/mushroom for the W124 estates. Leather or cloth. I´m looking forward for offers. Kind regards, Tim
  8. H

    wanted W124 7 seater upholstery

    Hello, I´m searching for the seat upholstery W124 estate from models late 1989 ´til mid 1993 in cloth creme. At the moment I own a complete 7 seater conversion kid but with the wrong color. I´m looking for some months on ebay and gumtree. Nothing! Would be very happy for advices. Kind...
  9. ringway

    The best upholstery and carpet cleaner?

    Which product is best for cleaning upholstery and carpets with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. I used to use a product called S101 that contained optical brighteners. S101 worked well but I'm not sure if it is still available and it's possible that there are better products on the market. Any...
  10. Matt32AMG

    cigarette burn on leather upholstery

    Ok quick quiz: What can be done about a cigarette burn on leather upholstery? A friend of mines BMW has a cigarette burn on the passengerside seat and its kinda shrunk the leather and burnt a tiny hole. Can this be fixed? Or is it new seatcover time? :dk:
  11. J

    Cloth Upholstery Cleaner

    Hi, Afte having my W124 280 stolen in London a few months back I have managed to get a 300TE. Needs a little work which I wll try and do but the main thing is to get the interior sorted out. Lots of stains on the seats that need removing. The family refuse to get in until this has been cleaned...
  12. R

    Warranty - Upholstery ?

    A type of "ribbon" has started to appear on both sides of the drivers seat, protruding from the sides where the stitching in the leather is....car purchased direct from Merc 5 months ago....4 years old last month... Initial call to Merc dealer who says this is not covered under warranty...
  13. stephencd1

    Paint & Upholstery Codes SL350 2003

    Can anyone tell me where to find the codes on the vehicle for the paint and upholstery used? Thanks Stevie
  14. kusanku

    Upholstery repairer Bristol area

    Having just bought a really nice E-class estate, I have discovered a cigarette burn on the ceiling that I am certain was not there when I checked the car over prior to purchase. I contacted the dealer, who said he had not noticed any burn on the car himself, otherwise he would have got it fixed...
  15. Stan the Man

    W203 Leather Upholstery

    Can anyone please tell me what the differences are between Artico Leather and Leather Twin.
  16. M

    W202 roof interior upholstery disassembly

    Dear colleauges It;s my first email on this froum so welcome to all :) I need to do some paint repair on the roof next to rail so i must to remove roof celling from inside (to remove rail) Have anyone here tried to do so? Where are the roof clips , what i need to remove first?, like step by...
  17. TonyE300D

    Caring for leather upholstery?

    I recently purchased a 1995 E320D (W124) with leather seats. I would like to know how best to keep the leather clean, soft and supple. On my previous Jeep I used a neatsfoot oil compound (liquid) which did a great job, but I want to make sure that I am using the most suitable product for the...
  18. 1

    upholstery question

    hi guys, the drivers seat on my 1995 c200 elegance is quite worn although the padding has not sagged at all the cloth trim looks tired, is there any cheapish way of replacing the seat fabric? also the rear bench has some muddy/greasy marks, ive tried a cheapo steam cleaner without much luck has...
  19. P

    upholstery shampooing

    I have just bought a 99 T C200. It is quite clean but, with the upholstery being light grey it shows every tiny mark. Does anyone know where I can get good upholstery shampooing done in London (pref. e. London)? I want to get everything done once, nicely, properly. Don't mind paying...
  20. D

    leather upholstery

    leather upholtery whats the difference between leather and mb tex and how do you tell difference?
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