1. M

    W213 Comand custom POIs & media upload

    I am really frustrated by the lack of ability to add custom POIs to my new E320d. It is a feature which has just "disappeared" without notice. I always used it on my Jag for "Safety Cameras". Does anyone know how or who to put pressure on to re-instate the facility? The same goes for uploading...
  2. scgfull

    CLK Fuses spreadsheet upload

    Hi all, I have created a spreadsheet for my CLK (55 plate) based on the fuse leaflet in the car. Thought it might be useful for others to share. How do I upload a spreadsheet? Steve
  3. T

    Can you upload routes to 2010 W204 Comand?

    Hi all, Going on a trip and I wanted to upload a custom route to the nav. I currently have it all set and ready to go in my garmin, but I thought this may be able to be uploaded to the Comand via the USB cable in the glovebox? But there again maybe it can't as I did a search and couldn't...
  4. V

    Upload Video

    I've done a small 2min video of my car and I would like to put it where my pictures are. It's on you tube can this be done? Thanks
  5. R

    How to upload image into thread

    Can anybody advise how to upload a photo from my album into the thread rather than an attachment. iPad friendly would help also. Thanks.
  6. T

    Couple of pics of my car :) felt I should upload some!

    Hi all, Thought it was about time to upload a couple of pics of my car. Had it a year in December! It's nothing special to what some of you lot drive! But I've really enjoyed it so far. It's a C250 cdi in MANUAL! Jack
  7. P

    How do I upload photos from my iPad into a thread?

    Help? It's driving me mad. How do. Do this?
  8. travelininstyle

    Nokian Winter Tyres for Sale (Test upload)

  9. delvis

    picture of my slk 320 auto 2001 (at last managed to upload)

  10. R

    Cant Upload pics on members gallery

    I apologise if this is the wrong place, but I cant Upload pictures on members gallery. It keeps sayin I might not have activiated my account or my account is disabled or I do not have sufficient priviliges. Can anyone please help me? Would be much appreciated.:thumb:
  11. andy_cyp

    cant upload pics

    Hmmmmm, Can any mod tell me why i cant upload pics any more, i done something wrong or maybe its due to the fact you are only entitled a certain amout per week/month please advise Andy
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