1. GillyC63

    Removing Estate upper chrome window surround

    Hi all as title says does anyone know how to remove the upper chrome window trim on a w204 estate? I can unclip the trim all the way back to the rear quarter after that I can't see how to free the last bit Every link seems to be about removing a coupe's trim I can't find anything ref the estate...
  2. M

    CLA45 Upper Dash

    Hi Not sure if this is the right section to ask this, so please forgive if its not. Can anyone confirm what the Upper Dash in the standard CLA45 is like please. When I use the online configurator it shows it as being black with red stitching. But with the 'AMG Exclusive Package' it lists the...
  3. M

    CLA45 Upper Dash?

    Hi Can anyone confirm what the Upper Dash in the standard CLA45 is like please. When I use the online configurator it shows it as being black with red stitching. But with the 'AMG Exclusive Package' it lists the upper dash as Artico leather with contrast stitching and when I add this package in...
  4. M

    W202 upper front track arm problem

    Almost due for the MOT again and another problem shows up! Has anyone replaced an upper front left control arm on a w202 c class? There's a US guide online which makes it look simple, as does the Haynes manual, but both show an accessible pivot bolt nut. The bolt head is accessible but the...
  5. Celicasaur

    W124 M104 engine upper wiring loom

    I just replaced my loom for a new genuine MB item as part of a long-term restoration project that I'm doing on my cabriolet. Selling my old loom to anybody who wants a cheap/quick fix to get them out of a pickle on their car. The loom is showing signs of being quite tired and has the usual...
  6. T

    2004 W211 upper door cover

    Has anyone got an upper door cover (drivers side) for a 2004 Mercedes W211 E320 CDI Elegance estate. The car has a light grey interior Part number of A211 727 04 48 Mine just shattered into pieces when I attempted to press it back into place.
  7. N

    Cheap fix DIY bangernomics fixer upper ad.

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1997-MERCEDES-C250-SPORT-TD-AUTO-SILVER-/121714759479? Condition: “We'll get to that...
  8. M

    clk430 front upper control arm , Help..!!

    Afternoon all , I was wondering if the ball joint on the upper control arm could be replaced ? Or does this mean i need a whole new part ? Any help would be great. Thanks
  9. KillerHERTZ

    W203 / W209 facelift Upper Dash Trim Panel

    Excellent condition, real Aluminium trim panel. £10 delivered :)
  10. S92Jockey

    Front upper & Lower Wishbone Arms

    Hi all... I need to replace my Upper and Lower front wish one arms in my 2005 W203 C220 CDI.... It's the Sports Edition model with the AMG alloys and body kit. Will the standard wishbone arms fit or will it need a different type...? Thanks
  11. R

    Upper ball joints replacement

    Hi, I'm about to replace front ball joints (alluminium one), I was thinking of doing it by myself, is it possible to do it on the drive way with normal tools or it need to be done by specialist ? What tools would I need, any hints what should be done after ? I've read that geometry and...
  12. R

    Upper Lower ball Joints

    Hi, MERCEDES C CLASS W203 S203 2 UPPER LOWER WISHBONE TRACK CONTROL ARMS BALL JOINTS | eBay Anyone bought them on ebay ? What's the quality ? Any help appreciate :) I need to replace all front's one but on ECP 350 for all 4 :/
  13. Remote11

    W202 classic upper bumper colour?

    Hi l does anyone know the paint colour is on the upper part of the bumper of a w202? classic ie no chrome trim?
  14. E

    E320 upper supencion rust

  15. ian cooper

    Mercedes e270 w211 upper track control arms

    I could do with some help after getting a ridiculous quote from a garage to replace the upper track control arms,I thought I would have a crack myself I was wondering if anybody has done this job and the best way to attack it?
  16. G

    W209 Upper Control Module Lights

    Hello guys, I installed electric roller blind, but the button don't have a light. The first position of heated driver seat don't have a light too. I disassembled the module and I check the diod's lights and they works. I tried to activate this diodes with star diagnosis, but can't. Can only to...
  17. M

    Removing front upper suspension arm c220

    Hi does anyone have any advice on how to remove the front upper suspension arm please? My hub is outside now struggling to work out how to remove it. It's the passenger side one. Thanks
  18. C

    What is the thing in the upper part of the centre armrest on my R230 SL500 ?

    Inside the upper section is a plastic fitting on the drivers side with three sprung loaded round covered openings facing inwards. At first I thought they were for cigarette lighter plugged accessories but they are too close to the HFP puck for that and the sprung covers just push straight in...
  19. clarke77

    Upper + Lower Inter-cooler Hose

    Hi all To get straight to the point car was checked by local MB and told hoses split and need to replace upper + lower inter-cooler hose and turbo intake pipe at the small price of Aus$1030.:mad: I've pulled out the upper hose and found the split. Felt along the lower and it felt solid. I'm...
  20. R

    Strange component upper engine help guysssss

    hello guys i want to ask you about my car e240 avantgarde 2004 engine look at the picture this is from other car same engine but i want to know what is it ? what its name ? i don't have it in my car engine knowing the two car mine and other car are from germany not usa version and thank you.
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