1. mattk1

    E55/C43/CLK55 uprated brakes

    Hi all, due to a change of plans I have for sale a complete set of modified OEM discs and pads etc for the above cars. They are listed on Ebay, item number 253033615823. Discount available for established forum members. Matt :thumb:
  2. merc85

    Uprated Engine Oil cooler w211 e55k

    Well yep you guessed it, My Engine Oil cooler is leaking.. Deep Joy, Part Number i believe is 2115000400 made by Behr i think This is a different unit it would seem to the w220, and r230 55k's, they are very similar but have a electrical switch/sensor off the side of them. Hella...
  3. Dogbreath

    Uprated Heat Exchanger...Do I need it

    Right I know all cooling helps but for my level of power is an uprated heat exchanger needed ? Is the stock one that bad ? 77mm pulley Headers + exhaust Bosch 010 pump Pcs split cooling ic tank K&n filters Car goes in for surgery beginning of Nov then upto John at Big Fish for a Remap...
  4. S

    Uprated front anti roll bar C124 3.2 sportline

    Hi, Just changed all for shocks and was about to the replace the front anti roll bar bushes. Then noticed the original bar has worn away near the bush areas. Apart from replacing with an OEM sportline bar does anyone offer a thicker bar ? Have looked at Eibach and other brands but...
  5. M

    W208 clk uprated shocks Wanted.

    Hi, looking for a full set of shocks for a W208 clk. If anyone any bilstein's I'd be very interested. Cash waiting Cheers
  6. Mat B

    Wanted: w211 e55 200mph speedo, uprated headers

    Hi all I'm am looking for a 200mph speedo for my w211 e55 And on the off chance someone is changing their after market headers those too :) Many thanks Matt
  7. A

    C32 AMG Uprated shocks/struts & Springs

    Hi All, Just a quick question on what most on here who have changed or uprated their suspension on the C32 tend to go for. I have been searching online and so far have only seen lowering springs such as H&R and Eibach which are amongst the best and Bilstein B6 & B8 shocks as well as Koni. I...
  8. Justin1600

    Uprated Crankshaft Pulley C43/E55

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get a light weight crankshaft pulley for a E55 AMG ? Non kompressor. Don't want to pay telephone numbers though :doh:
  9. A

    Uprated headlamp bulbs

    Has anyone fitted the MB uprated H7 headlamp bulbs, part number A0009980007? Are they much of an improvement??
  10. R

    124 uprated speakers??

    124 uprated speakers?? which are the best speakers to buy? i want to uprated the sound quality also im thinking of putting a subwoofer in in the boot also has anyone done this or know the best items for my 124 coupe
  11. W

    Uprated ABC Pump in a W220?

    Iv been looking at a 2004 S55 recently that i want to buy and one of the first things i asked the chap over the phone was about the suspension. Glad to hear he was a Merc enthusiast and knew what he was actually driving as opposed to someone who just jumps in to get from A to B. Anyways, he...
  12. M

    Uprated suspension 210 e320cdi

    As the title really,im after some sports suspension for my e320 cdi,wondered if anyone happened to have any lying around,either coilovers or sports springs and shocks.please pm, thanks
  13. R

    Uprated stereo/speakers etc

    Hello has anybody here uprated their stereos/speakers and or added amps/subwoofers? Show me your pics please for inspiration Cheers
  14. 300CE

    Uprated road springs W124

    eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  15. C

    C230 Uprated Supercharger, TAX and Full MOT

    Mercedes : C230 Uprated Supercharger, AMG Wheels, 12 Mths MOT, 6 Mths Tax. My car needs to go...so will take £850. If it does not sell I will break it. The parts have gotta be worth more than that inc plate and refund on tax. Steve
  16. 2

    clk 230K Uprated Pulley

    Please can some one point me in the direction of some one who sells these, I assume after this is fitted the car will need remaping so any info on anyone you can recommend in the Nottingham area would be great. Thanks Elliott
  17. ngenius1

    W124 Uprated Anti roll bars

    Hi all, Looking to remove some of the body roll on my 93 320ce, can anyone recommend somewhere i can get some? Have done a search but cant seem to find any. My chassis no. says it already has sports suspension, so looking for an inprovement on that. Thanks.
  18. A

    W203 Uprated Suspension

    I'm toying with upgrading the suspension on my W203 Elegance. It's running on the standard Elegance (soft) suspension at the moment and to be honest it could do with being lower at the front and possibly a bit stiffer. With the 18's & the stock suspension the ride isn't great. I appreciate...
  19. GrahamC230K

    Uprated Anti Rol Bars (ARBs) / Sway bars

    Just a quick thumbs up for uprated ARBs. I've never seen much if any of a mention on here, yet it seems to be one of THE modifications popular amoung all the Audi models on other forums I frequent. I have just upgraded my front and rear ARBs with thicker H&R bars, which are adjustable too...
  20. G

    Looking for... Uprated Pads & Discs

    For at least the front of my ML, has anyone done this? Mike
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