1. F

    W204 Upside Down Command

    :crazy: Very odd issue but it is being attended to by Mercedes, I recently picked up the C63 from a main dealer 2 weeks ago, earlier in the week the command system kept flicking orientation for some odd reason. No changes were made the car is bone stock. It is now permanently displaying...
  2. R

    Fitting amp upside down?

    Hello Am I safe to fix an amp upside down under the rear shelf? Or would it overheat? Cheers
  3. allias

    W210 - upside down panel?

    Any ideas how this was done? I really love this idea.
  4. The Boss

    The UPSIDE of a rainy day

    I just took the cab out of the garage and brought it home, and boy oh boy does she look good in the rain... Who thinks their cars look better wet? hmmm if only the paintwork gleamed like this when dry eh eh lol
  5. glojo

    British superbikes Union Jack upside down!

    I am a sports fanatic and enjoy watching most competitive events, I am also a Royalist and was appalled to see the Union Jack being flown upside down at the presentation!!!! A British event, at a British circuit and the incompetent nincompoops cannot even hoist a Union Jack properly. :mad...
  6. 94mattda

    Does anyone have upside down fish?

    :eek: Hello... I have two fish. One blackmoor and one gold fish. They are a few years old and the gold fish is fine. The blackmoor however has decided to swim upside down.... its been doing this on and off for three weeks but i thought i would ask if any one knows why. I have tried not feeding...
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