1. F

    *Urgent* e320 cdi

    Hi, I urgently need a car since the friend who's I had borrowed is returning from abroad on Wednesday morning so he will need his car back and my other car is still in the garage. I would be most interested in e320 cdi, if anyone here is selling 1 please get in touch, if not, please let me...
  2. M

    vito W639 109cdi battery drain!!!!!!!!!!! urgent

    Hi. I've got MB Vito W639 53reg. I own this one for over 7 years. Since last 6 months im struggling with battery drain. Its showing 7amp drain. Long story short- after heavy rain water in pollen filter. Fluded vents. Water dripping inside. Ive spoken to some specialist and still no...
  3. J

    URGENT HELP: CLS (W219) Strut Failure

    Car been into a local specialist after front suspension dropped following only recently repairing the rear. Quoting £650 + vat + fitting. Main dealer wants £850 + fitting. Are there any companies on here or any contacts I can try for a supply of the strut? Thanks in advance
  4. Charles Morgan

    Urgent - W114 250ce suspension settings

    Trying very hard but not succeeding in finding all the necessary tracking and geometry data for my W114 1970 250CE. Does anyone at all have it available that they could share with me? I'd be really grateful - we need it to adjust all the newly installed suspension. Cheers Charles
  5. jdrrco

    Not urgent, but time-sensitive

    My CLS went in for a service today under the service plan. The dash showed that it needed a Service E, but the garage has done a Service B. I did highlight to the receptionist on arrival that the dash displayed E and she wrote it on the job sheet. I have seen on another forum (not UK-based)...
  6. Gollom

    Urgent bit of audio advice please

    Sorry to be a pain, but could someone help please? I am looking for confirmation that a W211 CD changer with MP3 capability (A211 870 38 89) is a straight swap with the current CD changer in Sue's R171 (MY2004) Also, will it then display track information on her Audio-20 The forum has...
  7. N

    190E 2.3 16v Cosworth Fuel Distributor * URGENT *

    Good morning all, I have a 1987 190 2.3 Cosworth currently sitting in a BOSCH service centre with a faulty fuel distributor. I need a new/refurbished one. Can anyone point me in the right direction Thankyou in advance Chris cdking26@aol.com or 07502-333315
  8. steve333

    Urgent help with alarm

    Hi all,my wife's r170 slk230 has developed a fault with the alarm,yesterday for the 1st time in 3 years ownership the alarm sounded whilst the car was locked and on the drive,after checking everything was ok locked the car and it was fine until about an hour ago when my wife got home from work...
  9. sssammm


    Advice.... quickly SL63...Black or Silver ???
  10. Seank791

    Urgent help needed, central locking issue w202

    Hi folks, I parked my w202 up locked it and walked away, now upon my return the car won't unlock, I've tried the emergency key but that's not working either, short of smashing a window do I have any other options? I've tried new battery's in the key fob also
  11. M

    Cls350 cgi Urgent Help Needed! EGR valve

    Hi all I have a cls350 cgi which has just come up with the engine management light. Took it in to my local specialist today and the fault coming up is the right hand egr valve is jammed open. Apparently these cars have 2 valves a left and a right and you can only buy them in a set of 2...
  12. fabes

    URGENT - CLK windows not rising on door closure

    2009 CLK convertible Today, for the first time in 6 months, when you close the door (either side) the windows don't seal fully with that final few mm or closure Ditto, when opening windows they don't (as they are already in the drop position) I have tried the rest by putting IGN to 2 and...
  13. A

    URGENT - Arnott Air Sping Supplier

    Hi all, I am in desperate need of a supplier for some Arnott Rear Air Springs for my W211 E55 AMG. I bought some from HIDS-Direct on Sunday with Special delivery, still haven't received them so checked my order status and it has been Declined, even though they took my money!! Does...
  14. S

    Urgent help needed!!!

    I'm struggling to find rear facing car seats for a '95 W140 S500. Does anybody have experience with this issue? I'm off to hopefully buy a car tomorrow but this is a huge stumbling block as I have been mis-informed. Thanks in advance. For quick reply please either text or call me on...
  15. C

    URGENT HELP: Central Locking: W219 CLS 350 2005

    Hi Guys, Recently bought MB and now need urgent help. So all of a sudden my FOB key stopped working and I could not unlock the car using it. Even when I tried unlocking standing next to the IR sensor at the driver door, it did not lock. However the Key is working fine as I can drive...
  16. Jonnivickers

    Urgent help!!!!!!!

    An uninsured driver ( I assume ) hit my car last night and I'm afraid to say it's going to need a new rear bumper. The car was wrapped therefore it been looking around at used ones and not to fussed about colour just yet. I've found one on gumtree that's close enough to collect although I drive...
  17. SG1

    Urgent - Aero 1 AMG Wheels Fitment for W126 SEC

    Evening everyone, Need a bit of advice/confirmation whether 17" AMG Aero 1 alloys will fit a 1990 W126 SEC, the specs are 8JX17H2 ET28. Firstly, before anyone says it, I know the correct offset should be 11 for a W126 but the wheels aren't for me and 15mm spacers would be used to...
  18. M

    Urgent - Brabus D4 C250 CDI Fitting Instructions

    Hi everyone, Desperately after fitting instructions for the D4 Brabus Kit. Searched google and here with no results. Can anyone help? My email is matt@westfour.co.uk Thank you in advance.
  19. Smeesh

    Slightly Urgent !

    Morning Troops second attempt as a Newbie :wall bash: trying to get some info on a E Class Coupe 350 Cdi Blue Efficiency Sport which I am hopeful in buying this morning had no replies to my previous post early last night and was expecting some feed back as it looks a very busy and informative...
  20. W

    Interior heater fan: urgent query

    I've a 210 with rotary dials on the dash for fan speed control. Manual air con I suppose it's called. However, I've no fan at all. I've checked my fuses, 4 & 7 from what I can see, and they look ok. Am I looking at a dead speed regulator as a likely cause? Wrong weather to be without a fan...
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