1. R

    Wanted Urgently: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428

    Hello All, This is a pretty long shot but I need a: Knock Sensors part number: A0021537428 Does anyone, by chance, have this? My thanks in advance. RayH
  2. E

    235 35 19 tyre urgently required

    Hello all My tyre was damaged on they way back from a weekend away with the family. I urgently need a 235 35 19 tyre until I can source a new one. Please let me know if you have one available, I will can collect if close to London vicinity or arrange collection via courier. Thank you...
  3. M

    Urgently Need To Buy A E320 CDI Estate (W210-W211)

    This morning I put my old W210 E320 CDI gold coloured estate through a hedge on the slippery back road. I don't feel too bad about it because no one was hurt and I'm not injured. Someone turned a Mitsubishi with a covered Ivor Williams trailer over into a ditch on the same back road. Black...
  4. R

    Sprinter 316 help needed urgently.

    Hi guys, I have a 316 sprinter, used it last Sunday and ran faultlessly. Been sat all week and I wanted to do some work in the back tomorrow (I'm kitting it for bike racing), so I backed it on the drive ready. Thought I'd leave in running a few mins as I had the lights on chucking some stuff...
  5. E

    C63 front alloy urgently required

    Front c63 alloy urgently required even if damaged. Thanks
  6. D

    Urgently Need help with battery drain!

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could help me with a battery issue im having for my c320. Its a 2005 facelift model w203. 3 weeks ago, the cars battery just went dead. I drive once or twice a week so thought it may be through a lack of use, so took out the battery, charged it and put it...
  7. R

    W204 Coolant Leak - Taken to main dealer - Need Advice Urgently

    Hi all, I haven't posted for a while as last time I got a good amount of responses due to the auto gearbox transmission fluid service that cost an arm and a leg, anyway my new predicament. My car is registered September 2010 so it is out of warrant and has done 49k miles. In January...
  8. C

    E55 or CLS55 Downpipes & Cats URGENTLY needed

    Hi All. Looking for a down pipe and cats for a CLS55. I only really need the nearside one which consists of 3 cats but will take both down pipes & 4 cats if available. Im not fussed if slight modifications etc are needed to fit, my part number is A2114902519. They are the same for E55K...
  9. S

    Urgently needed sl500 abc strutt front nearside

    I've bought 2 struts from a scrap yard as mine were finished now one of the new ones is faulty car is now Sat in the specialits dipped on the left side IVE just had the gear selector replaced as the ecu died this car is really testing me IVE also had all the front ball joints replaced what next...
  10. S

    Urgently needed sl500 abc strutt front nearside

    I've bought 2 struts from a scrap yard as mine were finished now one of the new ones is faulty car Sat in the specialits dipped in the left side IVE just had the gear selector replaced as the ecu died this car is really testing me IVE also had all the front ball joints replaced what next if...
  11. Mr Kripling

    New Key Problems - Help Urgently Needed!

    Right, I'm in a bit of a pickle now and some help would be very much appreciated! I ordered an additional key from an MB dealer a few weeks ago and, after giving them my VIN details, the new key arrived. Unfortunately, while the key would unlock the car remotely, the keyless entry wouldn't...
  12. D

    Need Need the part number and dimensions urgently plz!

    Hey guys, i bought an HID kit to install for my C-180 2013 which has OEM halogen lights, the thing is right now am in the UK and am trying to buy the headlight rear bulb cover/lid. Can someone please provide me with part number of these bulb covers and its dimensions (any W204 2012,2013,2014...
  13. av12ram

    500 sec wing required urgently

    Hi guys My car is finally ready to go of to the body shop but i am really struggling to find driver side wing for the 500 sec. Does anyone on here have one in good condition that they are willing to sell please. :( Thanks
  14. J532KTT

    urgently needed Cambridgeshire

    Hi guys, I know it's easter but has anyone got a wiper/indicator stalk for a 124?? Mimes given up and is stuck on. Please, I'll collect and pay handsomely.
  15. K

    Help Needed Urgently

    Hi, as a few of my recent frantic posts detailed, my eis is broken, desperately need a new one as my mercedes is my only car. I cannot find one to match my part number, (210 545 03 08) for anything under £300. I can get a used (210 545 0008) for cheap, and in my desperation would be willing...
  16. C

    C220 w203 injector needed urgently

    Hi everyone, I am in need of a injector for Mercedes c class w203 220cdi 2002 Part number is A6130700687 I was told I should get a brand new one or reconditioned, if anyone knows a decent source or has any, please do let me know. Thanks
  17. av12ram

    W126 300se advice needed urgently!!

    So there's a local business man who has had a burgundy 1991 300se with cream leather parked up in his car park for a couple of years and on the weekend I went over to have a look at it. I found it had a for sale sign tacked up on the rear window asking £1500 Ono. I found out the car belonged to...
  18. T

    Urgently need help

    I went out to move the car and the I put the key into the ignition and the sterring lock disengaged but I couldnt turn the key, I then striped the outer casing off of the ignition switch and managed to turn on the ignition, I got ignition lights but the car will not start, The ignition has been...
  19. M

    722.623 transmission wanted urgently

    I urgently need a good working gearbox/torque converter for my 1998 E430 Avantgarde. The datacard lists it as 722.623 00 755822 Is anybody breaking one of these with a known good transmission? Please email me: mike.millen.uk@gmail.com Many thanks, Mike
  20. D

    key broken inside the lock - urgently requires a locksmith

    i have my car Mercedes benz W216 2007 and unfortunately my key broke inside the lock. actually yesterday i was trying to start my car and i put the key into the lock but it was very difficult to turn the key inside the lock and suddenly the key broke inside the lock now it become impossible to...
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