1. horsesuitedfool

    Moved to USA and bought a C63 & GL550...

    Hi everyone... I haven't been on here for a long time... I used to have a couple of mercs in the UK, then had a couple of BMWs and Audis.... then I moved to USA in January with my job for a couple of years and thought I would go back to Mercs. I bought a C63 AMG 2010 and GL550 2011. The GL550...
  2. J

    Hello from New Orleans La USA

    Just bought a 2008 SLK 350 with 106000 miles First MB LOVE IT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. lisa110rry

    Compare legal drink driving levels in the UK with Illinois, USA

    Hello folks, I'm going 'home' in June for a walk down memory lane in my Uni town and home town in Illinois in a month or so. Tonight I've been trying to check the legal drink driving level in my home state, but I'm confused. The Illinois level is 0.08%. The U.K. level speaks of microgrammes...
  4. markjay

    BMW Train Derailed in South Carolina, USA

    120 Brand New BMWs Destroyed In U.S. Train Derailment [w/Video]
  5. C

    E63 Off-Road Downpipes with Free Shipping from the USA

    I found this on another forum and figured it would be of great interest here. The guys that made the RADO downpipes (World Motorsports), are now making a new updated down pipe for the E63 and they are offering free shipping anywhere in the world. They also dropped the price by a bit. I think...
  6. grober

    Europe v usa regulatory costs

    Interesting article on how regulatory differences between Europe and the USA means huge costs for car manufacturers. specifically...
  7. jamesfuller

    Rental in USA

    I'm looking to rent something for a couple of weeks on a trip with a lot of driving. Don't really want the generic rental cars. From San Francisco airport (or a reasonable cab ride from) Would want ideally a Dodge 2500 or Ford F250. If no joy with a pick up, a Large Caddy or Lincoln...
  8. I

    Attractive? C126 convertible, in USA. Dealer obviously hoping that pictures continue to paint a thousand words! Doesn't look too expensive, though due to advancing years, (mine), not a neck of the woods I'm often in.
  9. C280 Sport

    Hello. New member. Many Mercedes's. From the USA.

    Hello. New member here. From the USA. I daily drive a 2005 C240 4Matic fully loaded. Have had over 12 MB's and love the brand. Looking forward to posting some pics of the cars.:thumb:
  10. K

    S211 E55 throttle pedal for RHD different in the USA?

    I thought I would be clever and get the throttle pedal from USA as I am on holiday there and my car logged the same fault twice. The USA merc dealer couldn't source the part even though I had the part number. He just said that the part number I gave him was not availble in the USA and the...
  11. K

    S211 E55, i am going USA would you buy any consumable parts?

    Going USA, do you think it's worth buying any consumable parts such as brakes or pads or ic pump? Regards.
  12. H20 MRV

    Beware VIVID USA

    Hi Guys, I ordered extended paddles from VIVID USA (Months ago ) and they are giving me a right *ucking about, BEWARE....:mad::mad::mad::mad: ***Group Buy*** Flappy Paddle Fan? RevoZport New Mercedes Paddles - Page 3 - Forums
  13. Reggie-rock

    If you lived in the USA what wheels would you choose.

    Quinton Wilson has just returned from America where he refuelled a Mustang from empty to full for £26. That got me thinking, I wonder what I would drive if I lived there? A big engined car is tempting but what is the point with the max speed limit being only 55mph. I must admit I have drawn...
  14. D

    190sl for complete restoration from the USA

    Mercedes Sl 190 1959 , rare find, don't miss!!! | eBay
  15. ScottHarry

    USA M-B dealers get $2,500 to coddle S-class buyers

    USA M-B dealers get $2,500 to coddle S-class buyers "LOS ANGELES -- Mercedes-Benz USA is providing dealers as much as $2,500 to please each buyer of the redesigned S class. Dealers have marching orders to quickly fix car problems, no matter how minor, without factory preapproval, said Steve...
  16. W

    U.S.A parts

    The Navigation disc reader/processor of my '05 E320 cdi Avantgarde estate seems to be dead. New Merc. units are a ridiculous price, and I haven't been able to locate the correct used replacement in this country. But have located a couple in the states; all the reference/part numbers match. So...
  17. I

    Importing exhaust from USA

    Has anyone done this? I've spotted a cat back s/s system for sale in Texas. It's 340USD plus 220USD shipping. Does anybody have any idea what taxes etc might be payable. Best UK quote I've had so far is £800 plus vat. Thanks.
  18. D

    AMG - 28 hours 50 minutes to cross the USA

    I'm fairly sure that some laws were broken, but an impressive achievement.... Meet The Guy Who Drove Across The U.S. In A Record 28 Hours 50 Minutes
  19. Satch

    Using iPad in USA

    Off to the US next month for a few days and wondering what the best option is for getting a card for roaming data access. Will camp out on WiFi where possible but looks like I will need to use local the networks as well at times.
  20. D

    My new ride (+ a few USA pics)

    With great excitement I approached the rental bays at Orlando airport to see what a premium car would be. It transpires it's a very nearly new Nissan Maxima. Never heard of one? It's fairly large, solidly built and cruises well. 3.5v6 petrol hitched to a CVT gearbox. Plastics are a tad...
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