1. F

    W204 Audio 20 - USB Playlist Issues

    Hi Guys, Apologies if this has been posted before but i tried taking a look and could not find it. So i have transferred my music to a USB and plugged it into the car which has USB interface. The issue that i am having is with how the tracks are playing. Firstly the song that...
  2. G

    Audio 20 - USB Tracks

    Hi Everyone, I have an Audio 20 system with MapPilot in my 2012 C Class. I'm very happy with it and the sound is great. I've been using the USB port quite a lot and have noticed that tracks that I had previously had on the stick but I have since deleted still play when I randomise the track...
  3. mpc

    Comand USB - Not All Folders Showing?

    I have put all my music on a USB but not all the folders are showing in Comand. I have 8 folders - ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQR STU VWXYZ Within each folder I have the albums of the different artists by name. Comand only shows the first 5 folders (ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL & MNO), why is this...
  4. mpc

    USB - Maximum amount of files?

    When using the USB in the centre console for music files is there a maximum amount of music the stereo can handle? Also, what file format will the command system read? My car is a 2011 plate C250 S204 sport (12 button steering wheel).
  5. M

    video on the screen

    Hey, all, I have a Mercedes 250d and it comes with 2 USB slots and a memory card slot. Is it possible to play films on the sat nav/options screen? When I plugged in my USB stick and went to the folder the films I had were shown (in mp4) but only the sound would play, can you not play...
  6. A

    iPhone notifications only have sound via Bluetooth not USB

    Bit of a strange one but my iPhone sound notifications (mail, text, cyclops speed camera alerts) will only work if the phone is connected via Bluetooth whilst playing music but not when I connect via the USB cable. When I'm not playing music on the phone, both methods, USB and Bluetooth will...
  7. M

    Audio 20 regularly resetting USB device

    I've just replaced my old A200D with a new, late 2016 GLA200D and for the most part love the improvements in the updated Audio 20 media system. One thing has been annoying me though. I regularly leave a*USB*stick in the media port, filled with music to play. In my old A200 the Audio 20 system...
  8. Gollom

    Mains sockets with USB

    Want to replace at least one 2 Gang 240V faceplate with one that also has USB sockets. Most seem to have two USB "combined 2.1A" Will that meet my needs or should I go for a higher rated? Only likely to charge phones etc.
  9. S

    NTG 3 / 3.5 - USB & SD Card format & Max. Size

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what the drive format should be for SD cards and USB for the NTG 3 / 3.5 system, which is basically the S-class version of the NTG 4 system? I'm guessing its probably the same as that used in the NTG 4 anyway. I've tried exFAT and NTFS, neither of which seem to...
  10. R

    USB Media on new E220d W213 Driving me mad!

    Hi not sure if anyone can help but here goes. Put a selection of albums on a USB stick, all tagged correctly (as I thought) with album art etc, connected to USB1 in the car and noticed I had some errors on the MP3 tags that I needed to correct. Made some changes and plugged the USB back in and...
  11. ringway

    Comand 2. Aux to USB advice please.

    I have command 2 in my 2003 S210 and would like to run a cable from the Aux port to a USB stick in the glove box. Has anyone done this? Are cables available? Thanks in advance, Paul.
  12. D

    USB port not working in start up

    Hi, I have a 2016 a-class A180d. The USB port in the armrest does not always work straightaway. I have tried to use CarPlay with my iPhone and a USB drive to listen to music and it can be a while before it activates what's plugged in to it and sometimes not at all. The phone charges so...
  13. D

    Music on USB, Disc or HDD

    Hello All I have recently purchased a C Class Coupe 250 and whenever I get back in the car the music has returned to track 1. This does not happen when the ipod is connected, only via the devices listed. I assume there is a way round this, ive tried everything. Any help would be much...
  14. Trickythemerc

    Adding a USB socket

    I need to add a USB socket to my CLK to power my dash cam. Ideally it needs to be fitted in the glove box and have a switched live feed. I have done a forum search,but can't find any info on doing this mod. Any clues please guys. Tricky
  15. Haven't a clue!

    hardwire multiple 12v & USB sockets from Cigarette socket supply

    Hi, On my post-facelift W204 (12/12) I want need multiple sockets to feed: 1- Dash Cam - Cig connector 2- Sat Navto - Cig connector 3- Phone Charger - USB 4- DAB Blue tooth Transmitter - USB 5- Spare USB (appreciate need to ensure draw/loading is sensible) Looking for clean and...
  16. rom1

    usb connector glove box

    My previous w204 sport had a usb connector in glove box, which I could plug media cable into then connect usb memory stick. My current one does not have this connector, is it possible to have the connector. How much and how difficult to install my self? Why does same spec and year of car...
  17. P

    MeFitting a Bluetooth audio USB device to rcedes CLS W219.

    My Mercedes CLS came fitted with the command sat nav and Bluetooth phone system however i was unable to stream music via Bluetooth. I do however have an audio input jack fitted to the glove box but the wires were rather unsightly. For quite a while i had been using a USB Bluetooth dongle...
  18. D

    Mercedes iPOD, USB and AUX cables

    Hello I have the following for sale, genuine cables Mercedes MI-cable AUX A0018276604 Mercedes MI-USB cable A0018276704 Mercedes Mi-iPod.Phone cable A0018278404 £35 for all delivered. Thanks
  19. T

    Can you copy MP3 from command back to USB?

    Hi all, I want to copy some MP3s from my brothers w204 2012 c63 onto mine car, is it possible to copy from the Hdd to a usb? Thanks
  20. M

    USB not recognising FAT32, update?

    It says in my audio supplement manual that USBs can only be read when formatted as FAT. After looking through many threads on here, I see that most people manage to get FAT32 working just fine. Do I need to update my firmware?
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