1. 91dm

    W163 ML Useless Dim Headlights

    Hello, Are W163 headlights just poorly designed? I mostly drive on unlit country roads which is fine when I've full beam on but when I go to dip I find them very poor. I've polished the lights, upgraded the bulbs all round to osram, checked the voltage and wiring. ^Mine's the...
  2. O

    W205 Useless air con

    Spring is here and the temperature is rising. The birds are singing but unfortunately I discover yet another reason to wonder about this car. Today I’ve found that the THERTMATIC climate control system on my 2016 W205 appears useless – unless of course I’m using it incorrectly. In which case...
  3. Giantvanman

    Most pointless or useless Xmas present thread

    This is not me being ungrateful, far from it. I am merely pointing out the deficiency in the thought process when I open the bid with:- Aftershave………..I have a full beard and have had one for more than twenty years. On the bright side, it'll fill that space in the drawer next to the other...
  4. Godot

    The useless web

    Fiddle with this and you will know what the title is all about ! :eek: The Useless Web Go on, you can resist very thing except temptation. You know you want to, do it again & again.:D
  5. nick mercedes

    our useless police - victims of themselves

    "Thefts in the past five years include handcuffs, uniforms, speed guns, dogs, riot shields, and even patrol cars. The eclectic list was revealed as a result of freedom of information requests by the Press Association. Greater Manchester Police was the worst hit, with thieves taking a...
  6. reggie musson

    Cabin heater is useless in my CLK 2.7 diesel, please help.

    My lovely 2004 CLK 2.7 diesel has the worst heater I have ever had in any of my last 27 cars I have previosly owned. I have had the thermostat changed so the tempature does reach around 90 degrees after 20 minutes driving, but on a frosty morning the windscreen will only demist halfway up...
  7. M

    New e350 cab - BT phone is useless.

    Do I have an issue with my car or is the stadnard fit BT phone kit in the new e-calss cab a load of rubbish? When I answer a call no one can hear me as I sound like I am in the little room in the house wrapped in cotton wool. Thanks, J.
  8. DSLiverpool

    Optional Extras You Thought Useless But Cannot Do Without

    To be controversial I could say LSD (the diff not the drug), I fall into the thought that unless your a track wannabe a LSD is useless on the road but I can tell it makes an improvement (or is that the anti skid?) nah Im kidding myself I cant tell if it does anything on the A41 at 9.15 am on a...
  9. L

    My car is useless in the snow!!!

    Hi All, I am having problems driving my car in the snow. The car skids at every opportunity. My previous car (a volvo s40 ) was very good in the snow. Is this a mercedes problem? Do I need to get winter tires?
  10. Ian B Walker

    Useless tools

    Today I was doing a glow plug change on a 300E Turbo. I have this glow plug extractor tool which I bought about 6 months ago but had never used. So thinking about it, thought to myself, give it a try. It is utterly useless, doesn't grip the glow plug as the collar is too, its too large to use in...
  11. pills12

    rac near useless

    hi everyone had a puncture in my clk front tyre deflated while driving only had car for 1 month got spare out to find different size bolts needed so cant fit it call freind who pumped the tyre up for me but it bulged on the back so called rac explained situtation and asked for a lorry to...
  12. GRAV888

    Another useless thing I found.

  13. st13phil

    Useless Fact of the Day...

    ...perhaps. As my W204 is just on six months old I decided to swap over the keys this morning and start using what was the "spare" one. Dunno what the limit of the rolling codes is, but I don't fancy having to get a key I haven't ever used re-coded when at some time in the future I need to...
  14. cjab98

    My car is useless in the snow!

    After the couple of inches of snow we got last night, I thought I'd go out for a quick spin. But the journey didn't last very long as the C43 just wouldn't get up a slight incline with a bit of snow. Had to leave the car in a car park till it melted this morning! I guess RWD, 304BHP, a...
  15. glojo

    Useless diesel's

    Just been watching the latest World Touring Car racing held at Monza. Two 9 lap races, both won by diesel powered SEAT's :D :D . BMW's and Alfa Romeo eat your heart out. diesel rules..... O.K. John
  16. Ian B Walker

    Who said plod was useless?

    On the Park where I have my works a total of 14 cars were vandalized last night. Fortunately non of them were cars belonging to customers of mine. ALL Customer cars are locked away at nights. However, my Porsche was parked outside :crazy: Some scroat has tried to get into it. Both door tops are...
  17. P

    Useless navigation

    I purchased a used CL500 2004 from a main dealer a few weeks ago but I've found the Command Nav rather frustrating. When I leave Heathrow to drive home to Salisbury it tries to take me via Southampton and the M27 :confused: Anybody who knows the area will tell you; that's a long way off...
  18. M

    Useless Dealers?

    Does anyone else have poor experience of incompetent main dealers? I cannot be alone in this and am apalled at what I have experienced recently. My wife has a 2001 CLK320 cab that I bought from Denmark (saving around £8K!). For some time it had been ripping off the window seal that is...
  19. M

    The SLK is USELESS in snow

    The SLK is possibly the worst car in the world in snow. On Thursday there was 3” of snow in London. The council has decided to save money by not gritting the roads so conditions were very difficult. But they weren’t conditions that would trouble most cars. The SLK, however, was completely...
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