1. D

    Your UserName

    Being totally nosey here, just thought it'd be cool to know the reason behind members UserNames on here. Mine is from my favourite childhood song by Captain Sensible 'happy Talk' + 73 (year of birth) Ant.
  2. D

    Changing Username?

    Hi Guys, How do I change my username? About time I updated it.
  3. Merc Owner 2B

    Having to re enter username and password

    Wonder if someone can help please. I'm using IE9 under Win7 Ultimate. Most times after a reboot I have to re enter username and password despite ticking the remember me box. Suspect my security settings are causing it but everything's pretty much default. Where should I be looking. Are...
  4. Silver CL55

    Mods, can someone change my username?

    My car has changed do was just wondering..... Ta, Colin.

    **How to change Username on the Forum**

    Hi all, Can someone please point me in the right direction? I've looked under the UCP section but I cannot seem to find an option to let me change username. Please advise!! :thumb: Thanks.
  6. tpwuk

    Explain your username....

    Thought this might bring up some little interesting nuggets! I'll start....TPWUK = The Pearl Works UK. The name of my music production studio. :D :cool:
  7. H

    So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

    I'm sitting here at home idle on this Friday evening watching Upsy Daisy and the Ninky Nonk to keep my one year old from squeaking. Basically, I'm bored. Reading old posts got me wondering what peoples forum username says about them, and why they'd chosen that name. There's some fascinating...
  8. H

    Change username

    Is it possible to change my username for this forum?
  9. Sp!ke

    How high does your username rank?

    Just Typed Sp!ke into google to see how easy it would be to find me... HERE I show up as # 2 out of 879,000 hits :o Not sure if thats a bit sad or rather cool? Can anyone beat it with their username?
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