1. Londonscottish

    Any other Fitbit users on here?

    The CEO of the company I work for caught the fitness bug and started using a Fitbit a few months ago. He then offered a 90% subsidy for anyone who wanted one and set up all sorts of league tables which to compete. I don't bother with the latter but find the stats fascinating and useful...
  2. marty359

    Any drone users on here?

    Any drone users on here that want to share their footage? I bought a Phantom 3 standard last week and I'm really impressed with it, especially the gimbal it uses. After flying it in 20mph winds on Saturday the footage was perfectly stable. Not really had a chance to fly it apart from...
  3. Bryan Allman

    Sky Q - Experiences of users - Good or bad

    As per the title......... I am thinking of going for Sky Q but on reading the forums, all the postings seem to be negative which to some extent is to be expected as people rarely post when things are going as they should be. Bearing that in mind, has anyone any positive experiences to...
  4. Gurd63

    Mbclub Instagram users?

    How many of you are on Instagram? (I reckon some people might look and think wth is that lmao) I generally just post pics of the cars:rock: @gurd_devgun
  5. Steveoz320

    Hello to mbclub users

    Hello to everyone just introducing myself as a new member and new Mercedes owner,I recently purchased a e320 sport and after owning most car brands I'm really impressed with it.i have been looking over the forum for some time and looks very good and the responses from people are very...
  6. markmifsud

    Information for Iphone users

    I believe this affects just the iphone 6, but take head. Apple ios9 detects if you have tampered with the fingerprint sensor, this could also just be a screen replacement. If it does detect this, your handset could be bricked and Apples response to this is, buy a new handset and only use...
  7. ChrisEdu

    Any zopiclone users?

    I'm currently using it, on and off, for the second time. Previously, it used to knock me pretty senseless within 15-30 minutes, this time round I don't feel it working anything like it did before. For example, previously, I could take it and then be say at my computer struggling to stay...
  8. C

    Any users of Icarsoft i980?

    Just got one of these code readers and wonder if anyone has any tips (the instructions are VERY basic, both printed and on-line), please? Specifically it's the OBD2 function menu that I could do with a few pointers on - I'll be using it on a W203 and a W211.
  9. Jukie

    Any EE /T-Mobile users?

    Anyone else not got service? I'm with TM. Lunchtime today whilst in the Preston area I lost 2g/3g service. Emergency calls only. Now back in Cumbria and still no signal. Sim is recognised by my phone but I've no way of testing the sim in another handset or an other sim in my handset. Haven't...
  10. T

    Calling all Merc S Class Users

    Hi all, I'm a noob on here, but am not a noob to Mercs, having owned an '89 190E 2 litre many years ago. I reckon this question will promote some good debate...I'm looking at 'mid-life crisis' mad motors, and am considering a Diesel S Class of the 2006-2013 vintage. I don't do many miles...
  11. K

    mobile phone users

    Most modern cars now comes with bluetooth as standard, it enable drivers to talk handsfree!! Yet I have seen on many occasions, drivers were holding their mobile phones and chatting away whilst driving, no excuses not to use the bluetooth function in their cars. I think the law should double...
  12. W4E300

    A big "Thank You" from all North Circular users......

    'd like to offer a hearty "Thank You" to the driver of this BMW who decided to cause a huge hold up on the NCR at Staples Corner this morning, with his novel approach to parking. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  13. LTD

    Hallowe'en costumes for our users

    I'll start. renault12ts
  14. Ted

    iPhone and Android users

    Post your Blackberry jokes here BB users won't be able to see them :D :D I'll start My colleague was so frustrated with the current BB issues that he threw his BB into his hot drink. All a bit of a storm in a teacup if you ask me.
  15. A

    Any users with a Nextbase DVD trying to get films on an SD card - what format?

    Hello I have recently upgraded from one nextbase unit to another. The new one has the ability to store films on an SD card or USB pen. I'm trying to copy films to an SD card (2gb one) and its not reading the format? I've tried Mpeg4, DivX and Avi. The instructions are not very helpful...
  16. grober

    Iphone users are stoatin!

    With the recent revelation that Apple iPhones and 3G iPads are secretly recording and storing details of all their owners' movements in a hidden, unencrypted file on the device, preliminary studies have revealed " early adopters" of such technology are exhibiting worrying signs of random...
  17. 219

    Cyclists and other road users

    A thread on another forum re the above subject is turning into a bit of a heated debate - I thought I would open it up here for wider discussion , starting with my contribution to the other thread :- "I can see both sides of the above 'discussion' , but do see it as a sad reality that the...
  18. S

    'Chunnel' users, you've been warned!

    This is one to look out for if your holiday is taking you under the channel this summer! BBC News - Forgotten Eurotunnel passengers taken back to England
  19. Satch

    Transport Committee Report: Taxes and charges on road users

    Well well. What surprise. I suppose there will be Select Committee soon that will be telling us that bears do in fact poo in the woods. "The Government handled a phased set of increases to Vehicle Excise Duty so badly they tarnished the image of environmental taxes. Report: Taxes and...
  20. scooter

    to paypal users

    just a quick warning i received a email from suppose paypal the other usual rubbish but yesterday i received another email suppose to be paypal regarding (suspending my account) dur to the fact of numerous failed attempt of password please log in for full details to authentic your account...
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