1. tron

    S202: not the usual question...

    Does the tailgate of an S202 fit into an S202? I am hoping to buy one that is a little less biodegraded and want to bring it back to base!
  2. L

    Not the usual ? about dash cams

    I see some dash cams have a capacitor while others don't. What are the advantages or disadventages of a capacitor?
  3. Hawkwind

    W208 Water In Footwell (not the usual)

    Hi there, The other day the interior blower would not shut off, did a search on the forum to see what the problem might be. Checked for water in the footwell and sure enough, it was soaked.:crazy: Now this surprised me, because I have read about this problem previously and before the...
  4. P

    Winter wheels-NOT THE USUAL QUESTION!

    Hi all I have an E280 CDI Sport Estate 2009 Currently has 18" wheels, with 245 on the front and 265 on the rear. We spend quite a bit of time in the alps over winter and proper winter tyres are a must. So, should I just get the same size tyres, but winter ones, or should I get a...
  5. bob6600

    Not your usual Range Rover in Knightsbridge

    Range Rovers outside Harrods are probably an everyday site, although not quite with these decals Spurned lover gets public revenge by graffiting Range Rover parked outside Harrods | Daily Mail Online
  6. Sanke

    Not your usual

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone will be interested but on 1st/2nd May it's the Lydden Hill BHP Performance show. I was wondering if anyone is thinking of going and if so.... Wouldn't a convoy of V8 AMG's look good! Steve Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. m2287

    This is not your usual put petrol in a diesel thread

    Soooo.... Today my car (s320 CDI 2003)randomly conked out and wouldn't start. It came up with an EPC error when it happened. I managed to pull over and called the AA out. So the AA man came and scanned it, it said low fuel pressure in the fuel rail, we assumed the high pressure pump was...
  8. lordlee

    Boot problem - not the usual

    Hi All, I recently had the common boot problem that was fixed by me playing around with the pin switch and now everything works as it should (from the key, the fob and the console) but I now have the console switch light permanently illuminated red. I presume that this means there is some sort...
  9. developer

    Koreans copy the SL but as usual, get it wrong

    Funny how far eastern car design is so ugly. I don't think the R230 has anything to worrry about.
  10. S

    Back touring in as usual!!!

    On Sunday I decided to take a run upto Pitlochary to see my friend Greig (who the Scots forum members have met) for some lunch and a day out. He was coming down from the Highlands so it was a convenient place to meet. Needless to say I could have gone up the boring way by the A9, but I...
  11. AbbieCadabra

    getting quote from a garage, is it usual to be asked for VIN no.?

    i'm getting prices for brakes & pads & have been asked for my car VIN no. from one garage - is this usual? i've never been asked for it before. i'm probably being overly cautious, but thought i'd better ask! ;) thanks
  12. D

    w203 battery drain - as usual...

    Hi all, So I've got the common battery drain problem. Had a read of all the posts related to this issue and decided to find out where mine is coming from. Connected the car up to a multimeter and had a 1amp drain. Disconnected fuses one by one and found that: Disconnected fuse 64 and current...
  13. P

    C270 CDI - loss of power - tried the usual suspects - help!

    Hello. My much-beloved C270 CDI (S203, estate, 2002 plate) has yet again lost power - classic limp symptoms: won't rev over 2000ish, gets to 80 on the motorway but very slowly, goes up hills slower than a 40 ton truck, etc. This sometimes happens on start, sometimes after anything between 5 and...
  14. japimport

    w202 breaking my heart as usual

    my car is really breaking my heart im starting to hate it my problem is sometimes while driving the car would lose power and the needle on the rev counter would bounce all over the place and the car would feel like its going to stall and when i pull over on the side of the road and turn ignition...
  15. G

    Brake lights the usual

    Have been going through the intermittent brake light routine recently, muffin boy replaces pedal switch no difference, lock to lock tried quick scan around car over few weeks was off for a plug into star £57 at Mercedes Agent, ferreting around under bonnet pulled fuse out and replaced not lit...
  16. D

    S320 SRS light after usual cleanup

    Hello Lads, It was just yesterday after a bright sunny morning, I thought of giving the car a nice inn and out clean process. I started off with the engine bay, checked all the fuses, got rid of the dried - stacked up leaves on the fuse boxes and just wipped down the engine plastic cover and...
  17. teemsta

    CLK Rust in the usual places - Advice Please

    Hi, When I bought the 1999 CLK430 a few months ago, the car had bubbling rust at the back of the rear arches and minor rust at the front arches. I paid £350 to get all 4 panels sorted (was mates rate) and the car looked immaculate when I got it back. At the time I was advised that the R/H rear...
  18. B

    C 220 cdi steers to the left - this is usual?

    I have just had a proper drive of our 55 C 220 CDi Avantgarde that has done 23k miles and it steers to the left quite drastically, I have tried it out on a few different roads and if I take my hands off the steering wheel it will veer into the kerb within 40 yards @ 50mph. This is a car that...
  19. FishtailnZ

    Not your usual early morning "rush" hour traffic!

    Life is rough in SoCal *L*...
  20. A

    Not the usual flat-screen TV

    Installation procedure:
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