1. M

    Hi from Uxbridge

    Hi all I am new to the forum and Looking to purchase my first MB Currently looking for a W211 E55 and a diagnostic tool I have posted on the wanted thread and general thread Previous vehicles are a 51 plate golf 1.4 and a BMW 728i. After owning a 728i I have realised I like saloons. I am...
  2. Zappy

    Looking for an Indy near Uxbridge, London

    Hi, can you please advise of the nearest trustworthy Indy near Uxbridge? need to replace disk pads and do a Diagnostic (Star).
  3. Spinal

    Garage Suggestion Near Uxbridge

    I need to change the clutch on the Micra before the rally; but my usual garage (punters) won't do clutch replacements. Any suggestions as to a garage near Uxbridge/Slough/Hilligndon/etc? Thanks, M.
  4. Spinal

    Independent near Uxbridge?

    Can anyone recommend an indy near Uxbridge? It's for a ford, not a merc, I need some cv joints done (or driveshafts as it's actually easier/cheaper to change the lot) m.
  5. Kris-H

    Trident Motors, Uxbridge - Good guys

    Had my (new to me) W210 serviced and checked over by Steve and the team at Trident Motors. Did a good job with the service and diagnosing a MAF fault and fixed a couple of other things I wanted done on the car. Very friendly and knowledgeable and happy to discuss whether original or...
  6. Spinal

    Uxbridge: Wheel Theft

    I've had a bad day. It started with me getting a parking-ticket. While the attendant lifted my windscreen wiper to put the ticket, he set the alarm off. This in turn meant I got back to an immobilized car that wouldn't let me in. I then got home, only to find that the game I had just bought...
  7. Spinal

    Servicing around Uxbridge

    Greetings! So today I was forced to drive the whale to the hospital (for the uninitiated, the whale is an automatic Chrysler voyager that belogs to my mother and the reason I had to drive it was that I'm not capable of driving a manual safely with a broken pinky) Guess what I found? Its...
  8. agriff

    Specialist in Uxbridge

    I bought my E320 from County Cars in Gerrards Cross and dealt with a nice bloke called Graham. He specialises in MB and had some nice cars there. For the odd bits and pieces that needed doing on the car I bought , like folding mirror and heater blower not working I was referred to Trident...
  9. Maff

    Mercedes-Benz Uxbridge (service)

    Just to let you know that I have been recently dealing with the above Service Centre and they are EXCELLENT !!! This place is service only so they have to be nice to you, to win your business again as there is no car sales attached to this facility. The staff are very efficient and the...
  10. Kinky

    Next Day Servicing [Uxbridge]

    For reference in case anyone is interested. An ad has appeared in my local newpaper. Dunno how long this has been running or available for, but posting here for reference. is this part of this 'super-quick service they are trialling - like 5 monkeys working on your car all at once? Next...
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