1. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes to BOOST Production of V12s

    Mercedes-Benz defies downsizing by boosting V12 production to meet increasing demand It seems demand for V12 engines is still going strong as Mercedes-Benz will increase production capacity of its bi-turbo monster to keep up with orders. To achieve this, AMG will start assembly of the motor...
  2. flat6buster


    So one hears horror stories of the V12s, but which of them are bad news? I've heard the cylinder deactivation enabled ones are a pain and also that V12s eat coil packs at £1500 per side for a past-time. Is this all of them? Or just W140s. Or just W220s. Are the BiTurbo W220s more or less...
  3. Lazarus

    Random question on V12s

    Ok, so there is an outside chance I might be able to get my hands on an SL600 for a very reasonable price through a family friend. Just a quick question about fuel economy, and how it compares to a V8 (4.3/5.0/5.5). So what will an SL600 return to the gallon during 'normal' (c. 85mph ish) on...
  4. KLP 92

    My V12s

    Well finally got my Brabus and E55 replacements! I bought a 1999 T reg S600 LWB with all the goodies inc electric rear seats and wooden fold out tables!! I also came across the SL600, i only bought it because i loved the colour and the fact its fully loaded inc AMG kit and wheels!
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